How Erick Rodriguez Rose to Become One of the Top E-Commerce Moguls

Erick Rodriguez

Born in Long Island, New York, Erick Rodriguez has become a prolific e-commerce mogul. He started his early business life selling products on eBay, an experience that awakened his spirit of entrepreneurship. While in college, Erick participated in various entrepreneurial competitions, including the Startup Weekend Competition, a 54-hour challenge where different groups were tasked to develop a prototype, demo, and presentation in the final hour. His enthusiasm and success led him to compete in StartupBus North America, one of the most immersive entrepreneurship competitions in the world.

Incredibly, Erick was invited to attend a week at Harvard Business School, an undergraduate summer program for prospective MBA students at the university. This was a one-of-a-kind experience where he got to engage in daily case study classes with some of Harvard Business School's professors, including participating in a class of over 80 hand-selected students. He got the opportunity to exchange ideas and views with other young entrepreneurs from diverse business areas.

While in his third year in college, Erick was voted the University of Florida Entrepreneurship Club president. At the time, the club was rated as having undesirable organizational management with low attendance and poor leadership. Incredibly, Erick managed to significantly turn the club around, making it the number one recognized student organization at the Warrington School of Business of 2015.

During his term as president, Erick convinced many speakers to share their knowledge with club members at no cost to the university, including Rob Carter (co-CEO of FedEx), Kevin Turner (former COO of Microsoft), Bo Peabody (founder of, and multiple ABC Shark Tank competitors. By the time Erick graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in business management, he had won the Student Organization of the Year award, Outstanding Program of the Year award, and the Warrington Student of the Year award.

Following down the same path, Erick has become one of the top e-commerce entrepreneurs. He has started numerous businesses, including a thriving Amazon fulfillment business. Erick has also designed, filed, and granted numerous copyrights, trademarks, and patents in the field. One of his many notable career achievements includes bootstrapping an Amazon business that earns seven figures annually with only two employees. Erick has also successfully got a product into 1,282 Walmart stores nationwide.

A vast entrepreneur, Erick has extensive experience in the business world. He is aware of business executives and advisors with an enormous history of achieving various revenues, profits, and growth objectives. His business know-how ranges from managing startups to pre-IPOs, where he leverages his key business strategies, operations management, growth planning, and product strategies to find success even in new business ventures.

Erick has since positioned himself in the global business arena because of his company's growth via transformative organic initiatives that optimize product portfolios and propel revenue. He is also known for driving new market entry, delivering sustainability, and bringing on board technology-driven competitive advantage. Erick's refined operating models and uncovering new revenue streams in B2B organizations focused on developing best-in-class brands and resilient businesses also set him ahead of the competition. He is also well-versed in building the teams, infrastructure, and technology required to achieve rapid growth.