How the Entrepreneur Philip Austin Brooks is revolutionizing childcare and education space and How He Started LITTLE BUTTERFLIES


At a very young age, Children begin to create opinions about the people, things, and the environment quickly around them. As children, they learn through seeing, hearing, and mimicking what they see and hear around them. Hence the need for early exposure for your children to better prepare them for the more complicated and diversified world we live in today. Philip Austin Brooks, the founder of LITTLE BUTTERFLIES Learning Center, believes that enrolling children in a high-quality early education program may have a significant impact.

Philip didn't have a problem making that choice. He understands the value of cultural variety from personal experience as an African American and a former professional athlete raised in the United States. He is also aware of the ways in which it influences people's views.

Some people are still astonished when Philip introduces himself as the owner of LITTLE BUTTERFLIES, despite the enormous progress that has been achieved in the field of racial equality. For this reason, it's no surprise that he is so enthusiastic about exposing youngsters to the world outside their own families.

Philip is fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn about other cultures. Immediately after graduating from college, he got a professional basketball deal with a team in the United States of America. Eight years later, he spent time in Germany, Spain; Qatar; Kosovo; Columbia; and Macedonia. The basketball leagues he played in granted him the Most Valuable Player award because of his contributions to the team's scoring.

He married and returned to the United States once his basketball career ended. A learning center for children was the brainchild of Philip and Makedonka, his wife who both have backgrounds in early childhood education.

In 2017, Philip and his wife co-founded the first LITTLE BUTTERFLIES Learning Center in Dallas, Texas. LITTLE BUTTERFLIES began to gain a following in the Dallas region after expanding its curriculum to include foreign studies and the usual curriculum. The company's expansion continues in 2019, with the opening of three other facilities in additional cities.

Philip and his staff provide a unique approach to early childhood care and education in the United States. These factors have helped them establish themselves as one of the leading no.1 child education and care centers in the U.S.A, which many parents are proud of. The children are exposed to many cultures and languages from across the world while having a great time in a setting staffed by professionals with extensive experience in childcare and education.

It was only in 2021 that the LITTLE BUTTERFLIES Learning Center took things to a new level and revolutionized the childcare and education space once again. In order to expand the LITTLE BUTTERFLIES family, they franchised their unique early education and child care concept. As of this writing, a number of new centers have been established and others are in the planning stages.

He sees every day as a chance to grow as a person and to become a better person. His mission is to establish 100 LITTLE BUTTERFLIES Learning Centers throughout the globe.

Philip spends a lot of time with his businesses but also makes quality time for his family every day. He is a super dad of three cute babies and a super husband to his superwoman.

He is an inspiration for entrepreneurs, and he makes time for both his family and business success.

He also contributes lots of donations to non-profit organizations where it's needed. This is what makes him stand out more than any other entrepreneur.

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