How Dr. Malda Aldaoudi is guiding people about aesthetic medicine via social media

Social media platforms are a boon in our lives. While influencers use it to showcase their talents, doctors from around the world are using it to spread information about their practices. Dr. Malda Aldaoudi is one such dermatologist who is using it to teach people about aesthetic medicine through the lens of social media.

Malda Aldaoudi
Malda Aldaoudi

Botox, lip fillers, eye fillers, and more are a few words that have become very familiar in the past few years. And why not? We watch our favourite celebs get puffier lips or see someone in our known circle get their jawlines fixed within weeks. Well, Dr. Malda Aldaoudi shares the scenes behind this magic. On her Instagram, she has briefly tutored netizens about these cosmetic surgeries. You too should have a look.

The doctor has an abundance of understanding about the world of aesthetic medicine, and she has tried her best to share that with us. She has posted multiple reels talking about areas that can be treated with Botox, who are the good candidates for under-eye fillers, misconceptions about thread face lifting, non-surgical eyelid lifting, lip fillers, procedures of face contouring, and whatnot. Dr. Malda Aldaoudi will answer all your questions regarding cosmetic surgery.

"Social media is a potential platform to educate people, and it has helped me to reach a lot of individuals who otherwise wouldn't have known about these things. Moreover, there are numerous fallacies prevailing among people about cosmetic surgeries. I believe that with social media's tremendous reach, all these falsehoods can be nullified," says Dr. Malda Aldaoudi about social media.

Currently based in the UAE, she earned her medical degree from Damascus University in 2001 and completed her Master's degree in Dermatology and Venereology in 2006. She moved from Syria to the UAE and worked with leading premium aesthetic clinics in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Sharjah. Currently, Dr. Malda Aldaoudi is a main shareholder in Dubai's Eternel Clinic. She is also pursuing her master's degree from Harvard University and participating in various workshops and seminars. We hope that she continues to guide us with her knowledge. To check out her content, you can follow her on Instagram at @drmalda