How Dr. Elena Eustache is Infusing Love Back Into the Digital Age

Dr. Elena Eustache

The modern world continues to perpetuate its movement and acceptance of everything digital, with the concept of instant gratification being at the forefront, the concept of love has seemingly lost its aura. The cornerstone of most dating apps is immediate connection and validation, whether that be achieved through appealing appearance or monetary success. Love is a process that takes time, and is a slow burn, in relation to most of the popular apps available today. However, love and relationship expert Dr. Elena Eustache is seeking to shatter the modern twist on dating, with Love the App.

Dr. Eustache is a love and relationship coach that is ready to step into the online matchmaking world. She is well known for her ability to form everlasting bonds of love for a wide range of people, with clientele ranging from celebrities, famous athletes, as well as royalty, Dr. Eustache is seeking to change the way our society views one of the most amazing things an individual can experience, love. Love the App can be used for a range of different individuals. From regular online membership to private exclusive matchmaking/black membership, for the high-end sophisticated individual such as CEO's, Silicon Valley executives, celebrities, athletes, top models, and even royalty. In today's culture, dating apps promote casual dating without any substance, which is another name for the hook-up culture. A majority of the users of these dating apps are just looking to find a quick fling, only to get back onto the app in search of the next one. This vicious cycle makes it more difficult to find that special someone, and most people start to view ever-lasting love as a thing of the past. Sex and physical encounters begin to creep to the forefront of a user's expectations from the modern dating app, and the concept of love begins to fall deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. Many people stop believing in love and conceptualize it as something similar to that of the unicorn. However, Dr. Eustache seeks to remind people that the beautiful and life-changing idea of love does exist, and is very attainable. She has designed an app that is for people who seek lasting relationships that can lead to love, marriage, and children. Love the App brings back traditional dating goals into a society infused with instant gratification, and reminds our sex-obsessed culture that there is something much greater.

Love the App is structured for the creation of an ever-lasting bond, users have to select what they are looking for, before beginning to browse: from relationship, marriage, or marriage with children, this immediately sets a foundation to bring back the beauty of an outdated concept, like love. Love the App will offer an exclusive form of online dating, as well as a matchmaking service, for those who are interested. Dr. Eustache is preparing to launch her book, "How to Be Feminine", which coupled with her innovative app, should help restore a binding force to a society that has become ego-centric.

While the book is in the process of being launched, Dr. Eustahce is currently in the process of filming a master class that will be available on Tony Robbins' Mastermind platform. The book and class are slated to be released in January of 2021, as Dr. Eustache is excited to share with modern women how to set boundaries, and have a rebirth of being feminine. With the concept of feminism sweeping the globe, many career-driven women have forgotten how to act feminine, as the media promotes a concept that is in strong contrast to being feminine. Dr. Eustache will help these professional and career-oriented women tap into their feminine side, which in turn, will help promote the beautiful and age-old concept of love. This course will help women enhance their health, happiness, and feminine mystique in their romantic relationships. Also, being the founder and CEO of the Eustache Institute, the love doctor offers a plethora of services that promote relationships and behavioral therapy. We all seek love, and Dr. Elena Eustache wants to help everyone, from the small-town girl to the elite top model, Dr. Elena Eustache is spreading the word of love.

To learn more about Dr. Eustance, and her innovative projects like Love the App, her book "How to be Feminine", and the Eustache Institute-Wellness and Beauty Clinic, please visit her website and her Instagram.