How does Earth sound to aliens? You will be knowing soon!

NASA had assembled Earth's sounds for aliens to understand the planet and now everyone can listen to it

golden record

A planetary playlist was assembled by NASA in the 1970s and soon, it will be available for the public to hear. The space agency had crafted two copies of the "Golden Record" on the gold-plated copper discs, which were identical in nature and connected to each of the Voyager spacecraft.

The concept behind this idea was that if any of the Voyagers were detected by an alien species, it could play the Golden Record and the aliens would have gotten an idea about the planet that the sounds came from – in this case, Earth.

The tracks in the record include greetings in 55 languages, daily life sounds, such as the crying of a bay, the barking sound of dogs, sounds of rushing trains. It also contains rock, classical and jazz music.

To help the extraterrestrial species in comprehending and getting the data out of the discs, illustrate directions were also created by the American space agency along with the records.

Now, following a victorious campaign on Kickstarter, Ozma Records has finally decided to launch the "Voyager Golden Record" on vinyl in February next year. The CD version, however, will be available as soon as next month.

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Along with the discs, the reproduction by Ozma Records will also contain a book, which will carry the images that were encoded on the original records and also the pictures taken by the Voyager probes in space.

This article was first published on November 29, 2017
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