How do the children of Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge spend their days?

The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William shower immense love over their children and the royal kids spend their free time engaging in creative pursuits

Kate Middleton
Britain's Prince William (2nd L), Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George (L) and Princess Charlotte (R) arrive at a children's party at Government House in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, September 29, 2016 Reuters

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge love spending time with their little ones. They have always made sure they spend quality time with their kids. Prince George is their eldest and is six years old. He is the responsible one who looks out for his two younger siblings. Princess Charlotte is four years old, she loves attention and is the confident one among the three. While the youngest one is Louis who is just 18 months old. The trio enjoys each other's company and watches a lot of movies together in the Anmer Hall. They also play different board games and even have some blissful family football matches.

A source told Us Weekly that both Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are humble and down to earth despite the kind of background they come from. The eldest son and Princess Charlotte attend the Thomas's Battersea school in London and according to the royal couple, who spoke to the press, their two kids were extremely excited to start their schooling.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte even had matching school bags on their first day of school. The three kids love the concept of Halloween. "Kate lets George and Charlotte pick out their costumes. Charlotte, in particular, loves dressing up so is super excited and has chosen a Disney Outfit. George wants to be a policeman. Kate's even got a cute little Halloween costume for Louis!" says the insider who spoke to Us Weekly.

The royal kids have their share of fights but they get along with each other on most days. These quarrels are over silly things like the shows they want to watch or maybe the toys they want to play with. The Duchess of Cambridge has her "me time" when the kids are at school. She works out and even goes grocery shopping with a little time at hand. Kate also finishes any pending work and pampers herself by getting manicures, pedicures or even a change of hair colour. Sources have also confirmed that Kate would love to have another child with Prince William.