How did Shawn Rhoden Die? Social Media Users Say High Doses of Steroids Took Body Builder's Life

Shawn Rhoden, 2018 Mr. Olympia, passed away on November 6, 2021 at the age of 46. The bodybuilding icon, who got banned post sexual allegations, suffered a fatal heart attack.

The news was first shared by the publication Generation Iron. Many athletes, experts and fans are shocked by his sudden demise and are expressing condolences on social media. Rhoden's trainer, Chris Aceto, also confirmed the bodybuilding star's death.

Rhoden: One of the Biggest Stars in the Bodybuilding World

Rhoden was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He migrated to the U.S. in 1990 and settled in Maryland. He decided to make his career in bodybuilding in 1992 with inspiration from former a Mr. Universe, Yohnnie Shambourger. He earned his IFBB Pro card in 2010. He secured 11th place at his Mr. Olympia debut in 2011. He achieved to third position in 2012 and from then on remained in the top five of the competition year after year, reported The Sun.

In 2018, Rhoden became the new Mr. Olympia replacing 7-time Olympia champion, Phil Heath. Rhoden is the oldest bodybuilder to win the prestigious title, at the age of 43 years, 5 months.

Shawn Rhoden
Shawn Rhoden Twitter

How Did Rhoden Die?

Rhoden reportedly suffered a fatal heart attack that took his life. Social media users, on the other hand, are speculating on the cause of his death. One user wrote, "He most likely died of an enlarged heart due to use of steroids, growth hormone, and insulin. That usually the cause in body building." Another commented, "He's been on the juice for decades, not sure why this is a surprise to anyone, or even news."

"Heart attacks are going to be much more frequent in young men," shared one user. Another wrote, "High BMI shortens lives. It is hard on your organs. Heavyweight bodybuilders may have low bodyfat, but they are morbidly obese."

Alcohol Addiction and Sexual Accusations

Rhoden faced ups and down in his personal life. He went through a period of alcohol addiction after his father, Lloyd passed away in 2002. His friend, Lenore Carroll, supported him to overcome the alcoholism.

Rhoden was married to Michelle Sugar in 2018 but they divorced due to personal issues and allegations of infidelity. Various controversies surrounded Rhoden after was accused of sexually assaulting a female protege while he was visiting Salt Lake City, Utah, in October 2018, shortly after his Mr. Olympia victory. The next year, he was charged in Utah with rape, object rape, and sexual abuse. Later, he was not allowed to participate in the 2019 Mr. Olympia contest, as well as future competitions.

What was Rhoden's Final Instagram Post?

Rhoden's final post on Instagram before his death read, "Brick by brick and patience it will take. See you on the other side."

Six days ago, he shared a heartwarming image with his daughter on Instagram with a caption that read, "Life Is Not Measured By the Number of Breaths We Take, But By the Moments That Take Our Breath Away."