How Did Matt Ulrich Die? Former Colts Superbowl Champion Offensive Dies Suddenly Aged 41

As the former captain of Northwestern, Ulrich played in a total of 10 games over two seasons with the Indianapolis Colts—five games in each season.

Former Indianapolis Colts offensive lineman and Super Bowl champion Matt Ulrich has died at the age of 41, Colts owner Jim Irsay confirmed. His cause of death as of now is unclear. Irsay expressed his sorrow on social media, recalling Ulrich as someone who left a significant impact both during his playing career and in his personal life.

"I am heartbroken to hear of the passing of Matt Ulrich," Irsay posted on X on Wednesday. "Matt was with us only two seasons but left his mark on many. Great guy, I hear he was a great dad—and he was a Super Bowl champ. My prayers to his family. ."

Death of a Star

Matt Ulrich
Matt Ulrich X

Ulrich's journey to the NFL reflected a tale of perseverance and resilience. Initially signing with the Indianapolis Colts as an undrafted free agent, he showcased his skill during the 2005 and 2006 seasons, culminating in the achievement of a Super Bowl victory against the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XLI—a significant milestone for any professional football player.

"Again, seeing the confetti come down Colts colors and be able to hold the Lombardi Trophy, everyone being on the field, I had to remind myself to take one moment for myself – it was good advice I got from someone that if you do win it take that last moment to look back at the tunnel and just look at the scoreboard, look at the field, and just know you're at the pinnacle of sports," Ulrich told in 2019. "And that's quite an awesome feeling."

Matt Ulrich
Matt Ulrich X

As the former captain of Northwestern, Ulrich played in a total of 10 games over two seasons with the Indianapolis Colts—five games in each season. These two seasons stood as his sole tenure in the NFL.

Short but Eventful Career

Ulrich was not only an NFL player but also co-founded Dexa Fit. He was an influential figure in professional networking that extended beyond the realm of sports.

Matt Ulrich
Matt Ulrich X

His NFL career was short-lived but eventful. "I'd love to tell you that I could have played for another decade. But the fact of the matter is, and I've probably said this to you before, that the NFL stands for 'Not For Long.' I was a guy who had to beat out a draft pick in 2005 and beat out another draft pick in 2006," Ulrich told

"We won the Super Bowl that year, the 2007 Super Bowl 41. Went on to have another season in NFL Europe, came on to training camp with the Colts and just knew those roster spots are so slim and I tell the athletes I work with, have something past football."

Ulrich later lived in Montana and held the position of chief growth officer and partner at PIE. His PIE biography said he was also a player advisor for the Harvard Football Players Health study.

He also received education certifications from Stanford in strategic marketing management and from Harvard Business School in leading professional service firms.

According to his PIE biography, Ulrich was a father to four pre-teen sons.