Actress Kim So Hyun and Ok Taecyeon shared some love filled passionate kissing scenes in the recently culminated drama, Hey Ghost, Let's Fight. While the 17-year-old previously revealed that she faced quite a tough time filming an intimate scene with the boy band member, however, her parents seemed quite supportive and admired the lip locking scenes between the two.

In a goodbye press interview of the supernatural drama, the Pure Love actress revealed that her families' reactions were quite fascinating on those particular segments. She told Soompi: "My family, especially my mom, enjoyed watching the kiss scenes. So, [their reactions] were fascinating. My aunt liked it and called to say, 'Hyun Ji and Bong Pal (Kim So Hyun and Taecyeon) really suit each other,' while my grandmother on my mom's side also had fun watching the drama."

Meanwhile, the actress herself once revealed that she did not know that she would have to attempt so many kissing scenes: "In the beginning, the director said that there would either be no kiss scenes at all or just one or two, but we had as many as four," So Hyun revealed.

However, the pretty actress added she felt incredible when the kissing scenes turned out well while filming: "Because the kiss scenes came out nicely and in a sweet context, I am satisfied with them," the actress reveals. "We didn't have NGs. Because I had good chemistry with Taecyeon oppa, we were able to complete filming in one take. I think there was maybe about one time I caused an NG because I laughed," So Hyun said.