How did the Kai Schoene, a German guy, make his way in Swiss Mens Award?

Kai Schoene

You might have heard the story of a gentleman who came from Germany all by himself and with the continuous struggle he became a well-known graphic designer and an award winner in Switzerland.

Yes, we are talking about Kai Schoene. This story has been acclaimed since Kai stood among the top ten Mister Right in the Swiss Men's Award in 2019. This is a unique award for men in Switzerland and is one of its kind. Six renowned and expert coaches from the Swiss celebrity scene make the bench of the jury. Each one of them hosts a public challenge that all the participants undertake. The contestants also get engaged in great events where they interact with the masses and make new connections. The activities of this trip extend over six months. Based on the results of the tasks offered by coaches, all the Mr. Right are awarded as per their rankings in the grand finale.

Despite being born, raised, and employed in Germany, Kai Schoene made his eminent place among the celebrity men in Switzerland in very little time. He was able to secure the seventh position among the contestants in the globally recognized Swiss Men's Award of the year 2019.

If we focus on behind the stage work, we come to know that his successful emigration to Switzerland is not just a stroke of good luck. It is backed by his extensive professional experience as a graphic designer, the backbone of which is his six years of assiduous training. Though he was working as a senior art director in Bremen, Germany, his innovative aptitude did not let him rest. With the quest of finding something new and to try something neoteric, he came to Switzerland.

Easier said than done, this transition was not that easy because he was carrying no support from anyone. He had to figure everything out all by himself which he did with his sagacity. The process of integrating oneself in a new country where you have never been before is a big challenge in itself. This was a fresh start for him. Let alone settling but creating a business success is a task that demands a great deal of grind and endurance. Not to mention that, in the creation of this new life both professionally and personally, there were so many impediments, which he faced valiantly

His hustle as a web and graphic designer proved him to be an unmatched professional in his niche. He then took over the management of the graphic implementation of campaigns for a company in Lucerne.

After two years of grit in Switzerland, he founded his magnificent project. This project is the nucleus of his creativity of design and transformation. His passion for videography and storytelling led him to co-create the "yourcarstory" and "yourcompanystory" with his friend. Basically, these projects revolve around filming special top-rated cars, which have a history attached, in an element of emotion. With a mix of different methods, he narrates a story that considerably improves the image of the organization he works with. A few names that he has worked with are; Volkswagen, Redbull, GymQueen, and BonPrix. Needless to say that he has contributed a lot in restructuring the art of storytelling combined with visuals.

For his entrepreneurial journey, which started in 2010, he has worked a day in and day out to create an inspiring story for other young entrepreneurs. In the end, we can say that Kai's tenacity of thoughts and vision is admirable. It brings us to the point that we can create something remarkable if we put our minds to it, along with the added ingredients of perseverance and commitment.