How Did Frederic Sinistra Die? Anti-Vaxxer Kickboxing Champion Dies of Covid after Discharging Himself from Hospital

Days after discharging himself from hospital, Sinistra told followers that there is nothing to worry about the "little virus" and started treating himself with oxygen at home.

An anti-vaxxer kickboxing champion, known as The Undertaker, has died after denying that he had Covid-19 and discharged himself from hospital to treat the "little vaccine" with "oxygen". Frederic Sinistra, 41, died of complications relating to the coronavirus in his hometown Ciney, Belgium, weeks after discharging himself from a hospital.

Sinistra after getting discharged from hospital in Liege told his friends and followers that he would treat his symptoms at home. However, he didn't succeed in his mission and died just weeks later, setting yet another example of his not taking the vaccine increases the chances of dying from Covid-19.

Rigid Decision Costs Life

Frederic Sinistra
Frederic Sinistra Instagram

Days after forcibly discharging himself from hospital, Sinistra told followers that there is nothing to worry about the virus. Post shared to his Facebook page showed the kickboxing champion lying in bed at an intensive care ward with an oxygen tube in his nose.

Sinistra, a three-time world champion, was forced to get medical help by his coach back in November and got himself admitted to a hospital after contracting Covid-19. From there he shared pictures of himself in intensive care breathing through an oxygen tube.

He also posted a video on Facebook in which he appeared to be struggling to breathe and wrote in an accompanying caption that he had "no time to waste with lazy people." His caption told how rigid he was and failed to understand the risks associated with the virus.

He rallied against the government and told his followers on social media that the "little virus" won't be able to stop him. He then got himself discharged from hospital and went home and started treating himself with just oxygen.

He was active till December 13 but suddenly died on Dec 15 after suffering cardiac. His death was announced the next day by his partner.

Insensitive Decision

Sinistra may have survived had he taken the vaccine and taken medical help at the hospital. News of his death comes amid a string of hugely positive studies that show Omicron is milder than other strains, with the risk of hospitalization a lot lower than Delta.

However, it is not known if the kick-boxing champion had contracted the Omicron variant.

That said, Sinistra had been believing that that Covid was not a big deal and can be cured easily. On November 26, Sinistra announced that a fight planned for December 4 had been cancelled and said that he was "disgusted" to have called the event off.

"A warrior never abdicates, I will come back even stronger," Sinistra wrote.

Days later on November, the former champion boxer posted: "I was born premature and I will continue to fight to the death like a man without ever giving up and dying without regrets." This was days after he was admitted to the hospital.

On December 13, three days before his death was announced, Sinistra replied to comments on his Facebook page. "Thank you for all your support. I'm home recovering, as I should. I will come back a thousand times stronger," he wrote.

Unfortunately, he died just two days after that. In his illustrious career, Sinistra won multiple heavyweight world and European kickboxing titles, and claimed a national title in Belgium in 2004. He had a career record of 39 wins and nine losses and has been branded Belgium's "strongest man".

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