How did Dolores Catania lose 25 lbs in just 45 days?

The television actress Dolores Catania stunned everyone with her amazing transformation. Read on to find out more

Dolores catania
Dolores Catania Dolores Catania/ Instagram

The TV actress Dolores Catania recently shocked everyone after her stunning transformation. The 48-year-old embraced the HCG diet plan and lost almost 25 lbs. 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' star attended BravoCon in New York City and revealed how she lost so much weight. Catania now has a much slimmer frame than before after her weight loss.

"I lost 25 pounds. I'm a yo-yo dieter," she said. Dolores confessed that she hasn't eaten very healthy food while she was growing up. "Food is my vice, it's comfort for me. I grew up eating not the healthiest food. I've always struggled so now I found, I had to just get a grip," she explains, as per an article on PEOPLE.

A little insight on the HCG diet: HCG is commonly known as the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is a hormone produced during pregnancy. This type of diet is very restrictive and allows the dieters to consume 750 calories in a day. While pursuing this diet, you are required to take daily injections of the hormone.

The 48-year-old actress admitted that she did not consume fatty foods and also made sure she was mindful of the portion size of the foods she ate. When explaining about the calorie intake she says, "You're only allowed 750 calories for 45 days but you lose 30 pounds. It's worth it."

As per an article published on Healthline, the people who pursue this diet usually lose about 1-2 lbs per day. During the first two days of the diet, dieters are allowed to eat whatever they want. Post this is when the diet gets restrictive.

"The first two days of the diet, you load and eat whatever you want. Then you start the egg whites in the morning, 6 ounces of protein, an apple for lunch," Catania explains. This type of diet is criticised by the Food and Drug Administration since it is risky to maintain a low-calorie diet such as this.

This kind of diet can lead to consequences like the formation of gallstones, irregular heartbeats and can even lead to the muscles and nerves in the body to not function well.

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