How De'el Woods Is Helping Musicians Pursue Their Passion

De'el Woods

From a young age, De'el Woods fought poverty and strived to earn money while learning in low income jobs. Since he was brought up by a single mother, he had to take his own responsibility since middle school. As a result, De'el knew what it was like to face a financial crisis and not have a platform that would give him the opportunity to prove his capabilities.

Thus, after De'el's first business of teaching how to trade forex went successful, he launched a record label called, 'Better Than Amazing Records'. At first he planned to support his two cousins who had been in the industry for a combined 25 years, but then he soon began to expand his record label. De'el always believed in taking massive action instead of just sitting back and wondering when one will get an opportunity. He states, "Believing that you can is way more profitable than believing that you can't." As a result, De'el trusted that if one made the effort to achieve their big dreams then nothing could come in their way. For this purpose he provided his aspiring cousins and other artists like them, a platform to practice their work. He arranged things like proper funding equipment, studio time, and a marketing facility so that all these musicians needed to focus on was - practicing their work.

Being the owner and writer of Better Than Amazing Records, De'el main goal was to add value to the work of these musicians. His goal was to support them at all costs, and focusing on getting their amazing voices and creativity known to the world. Even though things were not so easy for him, De'el still put in all his efforts to help these striving artists. Currently he is working with the artist called, "M.Y.A.I", whose popular songs are Classic and You A King ft. Brother Ben X. With this De'el hopes that all these rising musicians are able to free themselves of financial troubles as soon as possible and that he can grow his label to the extent that he gets the opportunity to become a multi-platinum label executive.