How a Dedication to Excellence in Business allows Shamus Goss to Help Others Achieve Their Best

Shamus Goss

We all have that one thing that motivates us to get up every day. For Shamus Goss, his passion for helping others to achieve their best is what drives his dedication and commitment to his work.

Born in the Bronx, Shamus Goss was raised by a single mother. At the tender age of 17, Shamus began his entrepreneurial journey in the music industry, where he created an independent record label. Landing in the Billboard top 10 with his first single, he soon learned what it takes to succeed in the industry.

In 2002, Shamus relocated to Atlanta, where he shifted his focus to the world of athletic apparel. Building one of the biggest team apparel companies in Georgia, his dedication resulted in generating seven-figure earnings, and he then expanded his business internationally. His devotion to excellence in business has been apparent since the start of his career and is something that is constantly noticed by everyone he works with.

Thanks to his diverse background, Shamus has been able to form strategies that work across a wide range of industries. Professionals and entrepreneurs from a massive range of backgrounds can benefit from his out-of-the-box thinking and unique strategies. The skills he developed early on in his career in the music and apparel industries have been useful as he's moved into real estate, e-commerce, and digital marketing.

Shamus founded Magneto Home Solutions, a real estate investment firm that focuses on Fix & Flips as well as new constructions. He works with homeowners to ensure they get the best value for money when selling or buying a home. Shamus is passionate about providing solutions and solving problems for homeowners and understands the benefits real estate can offer to those looking to build wealth. The development space is one that's only continuing to grow, and Shamus is excited to help others reach their potential through this industry.

As well as owning Magneto Home Solutions, Shamus also looks after Major Change Media, a digital marketing agency. While this is a completely different industry from real estate, Shamus brings his passion for helping others to this field. He helps individuals and businesses to build a strong online presence and brand, increasing awareness and traffic for their business. This dedication to helping others and to excellence in business is apparent to every client he works with. His motivation each day is to help others to meet their potential and build success through innovation.

In the e-commerce field, Shamus founded Ecom Titan Pro's, an e-commerce consulting firm that works with individuals who are looking to generate a passive income. Shamus knows that passive income is the future for many entrepreneurs, which can help them to live the balanced and fulfilling life of their dreams. As a passionate entrepreneur himself, he's always excited and thrilled to share his knowledge and experience with others looking to follow in his footsteps. Ecom Titan Pro's manages e-commerce stores, drawing on their seven years of experience in this space. The e-commerce industry is only continuing to grow and thrive, and due to the recent pandemic, it's clear this is the future for consumer shopping.

Entrepreneur Mobility is another venture Shamus started and is incredibly proud of. The company helps those looking to build a life centered around independence and success while working on their own terms. Entrepreneurship is certainly a challenge when you begin on this path, but Shamus enjoys sharing his experience to help others from the start of their journey all the way through to more established professionals.

On top of his many business ventures, Shamus still understands the importance of giving back to his local community. H.E.L.P. is one of his most recent ventures and is a non-profit organization providing assistance to Atlanta's homeless community. Offering much-needed food and clothing to those in need, this charitable effort hopes to foster a sense of community by giving back to others in Atlanta. Shamus is extremely grateful for everything he's achieved in his career and appreciates the opportunity to give back to the city.

Through everything Shamus touches, helping other people is what drives him to keep going every day. Anyone who works with Shamus is quick to praise his passion for entrepreneurship and his motivation to help others. Each of his business ventures works to benefit individuals and communities in different ways, but his dedication to excellence is the driving force for all his continued efforts.