How Crypto Influencer, Thunder Overcame Storms to Reach 1M Followers


As crypto continues to grow in popularity and the number of coins and ICOs in the market increases, marketing has become crucial for success. Many project developers are turning to crypto influencers to market their projects, with a number of them giving truly practical advice to new and seasoned traders alike. Among those reliable sources of crypto, information is Thunder. Also known as Thunder Crypto, Thunder is one of the more prominent figures in the cryptocurrency space, with 1.9 million followers on Twitter. But what many do not know about Thunder is the challenges he has had to overcome to reach the top.

When Thunder started in the crypto space, he didn't know much about the industry. He was just a small-town guy trying to make it big with no one to look up to.

Thunder loved exploring the digital world, and he would spend most of his time in front of the computer, which led him to the complex world of cryptocurrency. From programming to digital arts, Thunder has worked on various projects in the digital space and collaborated with different crypto companies such as Huobi.

Before becoming a full-time crypto influencer, Thunder made a name in marketing. He has long ago decided that Twitter was going to be his primary platform for giving out educational and practical advice and did so with consistency. He continued on with using Twitter as he began talking about crypto projects to an audience of traders and investors.

His vast knowledge of the crypto market and unique marketing strategies allowed Thunder to grow a loyal following quickly. He gained a million followers in a few months building a solid community of crypto enthusiasts and living up to his username back then, Maxim, Thunder was maximising people's confidence. Thunder breaks the crypto jargon into understandable terms as he supported crypto traders in finding their way in the highly volatile and complex market.

For those looking to make an impact as a crypto influencer, Thunder's advice is to be patient. There will be roadblocks, and sometimes, unexpected surprises will really throw you off. Not long ago, Thunder's Twitter account was reported, and without warning, his Twitter was deleted permanently. Thunder had grown this account to more than one million followers, and within a few minutes, he had lost it all.

According to Thunder, the suspension and loss of his account pushed him to the edge, and he even contemplated giving up. But this meant giving up on his passion and letting those who had reported his account have the last laugh, something he wasn't ready to do yet. Thunder chose to stay and fight for his goals, and even though it was frustrating, he started over.

Thunder Crypto is a well-known name in the crypto space and is on the road to 2 million followers. The overwhelming support he has received from his audience has helped him get to the top and share his knowledge with others in the crypto industry.

Success is not for quitters, and the only way for you to get to the other side is to keep pushing. Thunder adds that failure doesn't indicate the end of the road. You can always start over, and maybe what you dream of will be achieved on your second or third try.

Thunder has made his dreams a reality by believing in himself and choosing to fight for his passion. He has built his brand to over 1 million followers, and just like his name, "Thunder," he continues to strike the obstacles in his path.