How Companies Realize Outsized Financial Returns with the Help of Dr. Courtney McCashland, Co-founder of AuctusIQ

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 Dr. Courtney R. McCashland

Business growth and continuous quality improvement are the goals of most business executives, regardless of their industry and expertise. Yet, only a few worldwide executives and leaders are recognized for their intellect and business abilities. Making a business grow and expand is difficult, but it is even harder to build a quality offering, make it scalable, generate profit, then partner with prominent companies to deliver sustained commercial value to each business. One of the few leaders to do this is Dr. Courtney R. McCashland, a courageous entrepreneur, executive leader, and the founder of several successful businesses, including the world's leading sales talent Intelligence Company: AuctusIQ.

Hailing from Lincoln, Nebraska, Dr. McCashland architects innovative business solutions that leverage predictive analytics and AI technology to engage talent and accelerate growth. Under her guidance, companies have pioneered uncharted waters to realize outsized business returns. She has merged and sold over seven fast-growth companies in athletics, financial services, HCM, and software. Working with university athletic programs, she built the Showcase athletic assessment and development software applied to leading Division I athletic programs. Early in her career, she co-founded Strengths Research with Marcus Buckingham, where she developed the StandOut platform that was sold to ADP. She was one of the first 30 employees of VirtualBank/Lydian Trust, where she built a predictive talent and customer analytics platform - TalentMineTM - and served as the Chief Marketing Officer on the Executive Team. At Lydian, she executed cost-efficient growth to develop seven billion dollars in assets under management and leverage her TalentMineTM engine to hire and develop more than 1800 employees.

From her journey at Lydian, Dr. McCashland purchased her talent assessment engine to found and serve as the CEO of the TalentMineTM company where she grew the talent software business to three million in annual recurring revenue before selling it to Kenexa. She joined the executive team at Kenexa contributing to exponential growth as the President of the Global Assessment Division before Kenexa was sold to IBM for $1.4 Billion.

During the most recent decade of her career, Dr. McCashland purchased science and software assets from IBM to co-found AuctusIQ, a growth intelligence company that applies AI technology and advanced analytics to turn sales talent into business growth. Emerging from the pandemic, AuctusIQ is ranked this year by Inc. as one of America's fastest-growing companies, earning awards for both quality and innovation.

With a doctorate in organizational leadership from the University of Southern California and a Masters in quantitative and qualitative research from the University of Nebraska, Dr. McCashland has built deep expertise to bring valuable insights to the companies she leads and the clients she serves. Through her work with c-suite and senior executives for global industry leaders, Dr. McCashland architects performance-based growth strategies that apply predictive talent and customer analytics to transform commercial performance. Both internally with her company and externally with her clients, she applies the AuctusIQ science and software to hire, onboard, engage, coach, develop and increase the success rates of sales talent across professional and leadership roles. The AuctusIQ solution delivers certainty in hiring the best person for the job and a clear path to increasing individual success for a collective impact on delivering exponential growth.

Dr. McCashland is an entrepreneur with a heart and passion for business and a mission to ignite talent. Her purpose is to uncover the unique talents in each of us so that we can realize our full potential and purpose in life. As Chief of Science & Strategy at AuctusIQ, Dr. McCashland continues to help many of the top brands in the world deliver more consistent sustainable growth by building and retaining a stronger, smarter sales force.

This article was first published on July 26, 2023