How Cole Carter Went from Building Tech Companies to Starting a Film Production Company

Cole Carter

Most innovators and creative thinkers believe that being creative allows one to be better problem solvers. This belief can't be more true for Cole. As a child, Cole was exceptionally equipped to adapt to technological advances. Several years later, this helped him make the most of new opportunities. Though Cole was not passionate about technology, he was quick to realize its underlying potential. He learned about the science behind progressive technologies that could impact him positively to progress in his life and career.

Early days of a young millionaire's life

Since most formal education institutes don't teach the skills or emphasize the qualities needed to grow into an entrepreneurial role, Cole dropped out of college at the age of 18. Having enough room to play and explore with emerging concepts of data science, he spent his days beyond the classroom curriculum. He was lucky to be born in a family that encouraged him to explore new hobbies. He was often seen recording videos with his father's camera and subsequently editing them to create films that were meant to be valuable keepsakes for friends and family. Little did he know that later in his life, he would use his passion to found a film production company. With Argonaut MG, Cole would aim to give people unique and unconventional ways to consume entertainment. His life of 22 productive years has been a fascinating journey reflecting a breadth of experiences that shaped his career and life. Each tale is a lesson in leadership, passion, and much more that we all can take inspiration from.

Right business relations can create wonders

Armed with a tremendous amount of self-confidence, Cole moved from his hometown Louisiana to Los Angeles at the age of 18 to expand his business. It is indeed astonishing to realize that someone so young and adventurous had a knack for the serious needs of business networking. Cole sincerely believed in the benefits of forging life-long bonds through effective business networking. What was more important for Cole was not just what he knew but who he knew. His business relationships played a game-changing role in his growth trajectory in a very brief period. Soon after, he was already a serial entrepreneur, having founded multiple tech start-ups working on artificial intelligence and machine learning. He also founded Argonaut MG, a film production house with a vision to add a new dimension to cinema. At present, Argonaut MG has three films in production, two in development, and a few more in the planning stages.
Source of inspiration

To get inspiration for his reservoir of ideas, Cole detaches himself from his work environment to spend time in the lap of nature. Deep introspection and meditation help him rejuvenate his mind and body and get novel business ideas. At present, he spends his time innovating products using artificial intelligence and machine learning to give fellow humans an enhanced lifestyle. At the same time, he does not neglect the fun and entertainment that he wants his followers and supporters to experience differently.

A young and mature serial entrepreneur, Cole Carter is a revolutionary man trying to improve life in unique ways through science and entertainment.