How Coach Legend Went From Working a 9-5 to Becoming a 7-Figure Wealth Coach

 Coach Legend

Today, the man known as Coach Legend enjoys the success of being a seven-figure wealth coach who has been involved in network marketing for the past 15 years. However, he used to have a regular 9-5, just like most people still do today. How did he make the big leap into such extraordinary success? He gained confidence, strength, and perseverance.

What else is impressive about Coach Legend is that he is an immigrant who came to the US as someone who had English as their second language. That automatically made him a sort of second-class citizen who found it challenging to navigate the framework of the new society he found himself in. Struggles during those early years in the US were numerous. There were many challenges that he had to endure while trying to make it as a successful person in a new land.

Back in the early years, he was selling cars and doing anything that involved sales and talking with people. He's a big people-person, which helped him be a natural fit for salesy positions. However, at the start of his road to success, he had no choice but work long hours in order to make a living. This ended up taking a toll on him, and he quickly realized that he wanted to live a life where he wasn't being paid by the hour. Instead, Coach Legend wanted to be paid what he felt he was truly worth. Thankfully, he figured out he would be able to actualize that desire.

Coach Legend discovered the wide world of marketing and immediately dived into it. He discovered something that he was incredibly passionate about, meeting incredible men and women who were masters of their craft.

He gleaned what he could from every successful person he met and took their ideas to heart. Then, he developed a massive brand on social media, to the point where he became a social media influencer.

What was more of a natural trait of his rather than a savvy strategy was that he was always trying to make a friend instead of landing a sale. This, however, naturally led to usually making a sale. People do not enjoy being pressured into buying something. What they do like is having relatable and authentic social interactions. That is something that Coach Legend excels at.

Today, Coach Legend can boast of a story that takes him from being an immigrant working hourly to becoming a successful seven-figure wealth coach. His sheer determination, along with the strength and perseverance he has kept with him the whole way, having helped him enjoy the success he has today. Coach Legend has been in the networking marketing arena for around 15 years now, and doesn't have any plans of stopping anytime soon.

You can watch some of Coach Legend's keen insights when it comes to success and mindset by heading over to his Instagram page.