How CEO of R-Solar, Roni Ben Michael, Is Making Waves in the Renewable Energy Industry

Roni Ben Michael

Global warming and climate change are critical 21st-century problems that everyone faces. The climate crisis knows no bounds and requires a united global response. During these times, anyone who may take the initiative to fight this issue is indeed a hero. Among these rare people is R-Solar CEO Roni Ben Michael.

R-Solar is the leading renewable energy company in Israel. While Roni has indeed taken the lead in Israel, he is also starting to work on projects around the world. Roni says that he loves to see business happening all over the world, and he also has a passion to do something for humanity. He wants to leave a positive impact on people's lives, and right now, moving into the renewable energy sector is something that will leave a deep and positive mark on the lives of people and the planet.

With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, it makes perfect sense for Roni to lead the space in Israel now. Roni's passion extends beyond his company as well. He himself is the owner of more than 1,000 solar systems all over the world. The work he does and the number of investments he has made into solar panels show Roni's commitment to bringing Israel and the entire world, a step closer to completely relying on renewable energy.

R-Solar has an extensive history of 10 years in the renewable energy industry. It works to provide complete and detailed solutions to the initiation, planning, contraction, and sale of electricity to large-scale entities as well as governments.

R-Solar also carries out many kinds of infrastructure works, including voltage work and projects in areas such as solar energy systems, wind turbines systems, commercial solar systems, and independent systems for isolated cities.

Furthermore, R-Solar is also working on expanding globally, bringing renewable technology and infrastructure to developing countries. They currently have projects starting up or ongoing in the following countries apart from Israel: Kenya, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Italy, Greece, Romania, Zimbabwe, Guinea, Chad, and the United States. They are doing all these incredible projects with the same amount of professionalism that Roni is known for.

The determination and passion that Roni works with are remarkable, and because of this, his company is now leading Israel's renewable energy space. In just 3 years, Roni has set up 100 megawatt solar systems in the country.

Looking at the success Roni has achieved in just a few short years is nothing short of an incredible achievement. Many CEOs around the world would consider this their greatest work and have this as their end goal, but Roni wants to continue working on his dream to help people and make their lives better.

He wants to expand his work into more countries and be able to educate and push them towards the greener future of renewable energy. Right now, Roni is an inspiration to the many who want to enter this space and those who truly care about the planet.