How Celia Smith gets paid to travel the world

Celia Smith

What is the formula for success?

We all want to be great, but how do we get there?

Celia Smith is a young Entrepreneur based in San Diego, California.

"In high school, my biggest challenge was making friends. At the time, facebook had just come out and everyone wanted to have the best profile photo, so I realized the best way to provide VALUE to people was to create that for them - so they could be seen in the highest quality and that would enable them to connect with more people, so their ideas and voices would be recognized by more and more people. Eventually, this became an art, and I developed a passion for capturing people and moments through photography."

After traveling abroad at college, Celia wanted to find a way to combine both her passions of traveling and photography into one, whilst maintaining financial freedom.

"Creating, or any type of art, is collaborative. And because I was playing beach volleyball for Pepperdine, the only time I had to adventure and create was the weekends.

So I made a networking list of creative, high performance people. I would send them a location every weekend where we could meet and create together."

This is where the community "WEEKENDERS" was born.

As her presence started to grow on social media, she had enough credibility to begin to curate deals with brands and resorts who would also benefit from the content and marketing produced from the Weekender trips. Almost immediately, Celia was able to offer her content creation skills to these resorts in exchange for full accommodated travel for the entire Weekenders Team, and would monetize their vacation with additional brands and clients.

This was the start of what is now known as Weekender Productions. A company that allows young entrepreneurs to travel around the world and come together to focus on personal development and building their personal brand. Through Weekender Productions, not only are you able to embark on unforgettable adventures and network with like-minded individuals, you have the opportunity to create high-quality content and build your social media presence.

Weekender Productions now offers a membership which includes access to 3 personal content creation sessions that are personally sent to you, 3 Weekender's destination masterminds for personal branding, and 1 monthly group mastermind call. In addition, you will also be listed as a verified account on social media - this adds credibility to your brand and takes you one step further towards creating a well-known content page.

For Celia, personal development extends past quantum growth. Throughout the trip, she focuses on health and wellness, purpose and impact, and entrepreneurship skills. This means, activities such as yoga, water sports and unique local adventures will be included. In addition, by signing up for a Weekender Productions experience, travelers will be accommodated to luxury resorts and 5-star nutritional meals prepared by private chefs. But the greatest value of all, is the power of the people and the connections created in this community. One person, or even one conversation could be life-changing.

Over the last 4 years, Celia has mastered social media branding and continues to learn and grow as a content creator. Her purpose is to create a community of elite entrepreneurs through these life-changing Weekender experiences.