How Can you Secure Top Rankings in Search Engines by Harish Pednekar

Harish Pednekar

So many people start looking for tricks to "getting around" search engines so that they can rank higher so that keyword searchers find them with no problem. However, the reality is that search engines are incredibly intelligent and outsmart those who try to work around the system quickly. This is only going to be even stricter as time goes on and engines become even smarter. Instead of tricking them, why not just learn how to secure top rankings in search engines the right way?

Tips for securing top rankings

According to an experienced digital marketing professional, Harish Pednekar, here are some helpful tips to help you secure top rankings without straying into the gray area at all!

● Use the right keywords: Keywords are how everyone finds you in search engines. You'll want to make sure that you are using the right keywords. In this case, the "right" keywords are those that customers think to type in. This is 75% analytics and 25% guesswork. Using the right predictive tools and analytics is going to help you get customers flocking your way!

Also, make sure the profile for your keywords is focused and clear. For instance, if you have a brand focused on selling plumbing supplies, your keywords should be related to plumbing rather than, say, hamsters. This will confuse search engines and this means they are less likely to rank you high.

● Make sure your website is indexed: No one can find you, regardless of keywords, if your website isn't indexed! If you have particular privacy settings up to around your website, or you've re-done the entire thing, or it's brand new, search engines need time to index it. This is where their crawlers will peruse all of your content and website and use that to determine where you should sit in the rankings. Every time you do updates and change your keywords, make sure it gets re-indexed!

● Cultivate proper inbound links: Inbound links, or reputable links that are linking to your website, carry a lot of weight for search engines. Since the engines want to give customers the best experience possible, they rely on other people to tell them when you are good or not. If you've got links from a lot of the search engine-approved websites, this does a lot in your favor and you'll rank higher.

● Work with influencers and social media platforms: Social media is a crucial tool in your ranking. Expand your content and engagement to as many social media channels as you can, and even enlist influencers to help you get the word out about your product or brand, and its trustworthiness (as long it's all legit). This helps you rank higher, easier. Plus, it's one more way for people to find you!

Ranking high in search engines focuses on a multi-pronged and constantly evolving approach. While it may take time and effort, there is no question that going with the system, rather than around it, is the better call and will get you to where you want to, slowly but surely!

Harish Pednekar