How Bryan Legend Turned Clever DeFi into a Million Dollar Company Overnight?

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While the buzz around the world of cryptocurrency seems endless, most crypto projects have failed to make an impact. However, this one cryptocurrency is eyed by retail investors as an unknown gem that is about to wake-up in a big way.

When it comes to self-made millionaires, you can't help but mention Bryan Legend in the conversation. Currently, the Founder and CEO of Clever DeFi Pty Ltd, Bryan, has a revolutionary vision for the Decentralized Finance space.

The Early Achievements of Bryan Legend

Even before Legend entered this world of cryptocurrency, he was an overachiever. Rags-to-riches stories can indeed inspire even the most pessimistic people.

Bryan is a shining example of that. He dropped out of school and didn't finish his education. However, that didn't stop him from becoming a self-made millionaire through his vigorous ways as an entrepreneur.

When Bryan first started in a direct-sales position selling Kirby Vacuum Systems door-to-door, he realized he had a natural talent and honed it. Soon, he excelled at negotiating and began to recruit, teach and lead teams of sales consultants with spectacular results.

Branching off with these self taught sales skills, he entered into the foray of digital marketing. Unsurprisingly, he became a pioneer in the industry and eventually set up a digital firm, TWILX. It was the expansion of this business that made Bryan Legend a millionaire by an unquestionable work ethic over the span of the next 2 years.

During this period, he came across cryptocurrencies, and the concept of Blockchain Technology fascinated him. Gradually, he began to study the market and after some time, he shifted his focus to the Decentralized Finance aspect of the industry. This was and is still a lesser-explored sector and many industry experts agree that it is here to stay.

With the experience of eight years in the crypto industry and genius brilliance, Bryan started CLEVER DEFI. With this company, he seeks to make many more millionaires by giving others a chance to enhance their net wealth through investing into the company's native token; CLVA Token.

CLEVER DEFI – Explained!

CLEVER DEFI, the brainchild of Bryan Legend, is a unique Decentralized Finance platform. Here, the token holders (CLVA) will get an automatic interest payment of up to 11% every fortnight for a fixed set of 888 cycles. Now, the Decentralized Distribution Mechanism makes the project immutable and immune to vulnerable online threats. The protocol is programmed to make guaranteed interests for 888 cycles which translates to 34.15 years precisely. Of course, over the cycles, the compound interest will also increase exponentially.

Final Words

Spearheading the CLEVER DEFI project himself, Legend worked inexplicably hard to ensure the first-ever decentralized finance platform's success. With an investment just shy of a mere $75,000, the company has raked in millions in the first minting phase that lasted only 30 days.

The million-dollar success of his company in less than 90 days is incredibly astonishing. It further exemplifies Legend's sheer genius mind and the accomplished team that he has amassed for the project.

With such a promising start, Clever Defi Pty Ltd is headed to reach many more milestones shortly.