How Bonder is Revolutionizing Customer Satisfaction


Retail spaces are changing their ways in the post-pandemic world. What does that mean for consumers? Bonder, an "all-in-one" location-based communication platform, is paving the way for easier communication in new socially-distanced retail spaces.

Bonder enables personal and professional communication on many levels. It allows users to nurture relationships with those in their local community and those with similar interests. In the retail space, Bonder is revolutionizing the ways that brands engage and build relationships with their customers.

For consumers, Bonder will allow shoppers to notify an associate when they need assistance. You will be able to tell the associate where you are located in the store and what you're looking for. Once you've made your purchase, you can continue the conversation in Bonder, so you don't have to worry about calling 800 numbers for assistance.

For associates, Bonder alleviates the pressures of being near shoppers. Long gone are the days of constantly asking shoppers if they need help, possibly annoying them. Bonder notifies associates on the floor directly when a shopper is in need of assistance and pinpoints their location within the store. Additionally, the platform allows customers to be specific in their requests so that when a sales associate reaches them, they are already aware of their needs. This allows the most appropriate associates with the right knowledge base to respond to the inquiry increasing the likelihood of closing on a sale.

In addition to the retail space, Bonder has beta deals signed with multiple restaurants to help reinvent the dining experience. They are testing out Bonder's ability to create an engaging community where customers can view the restaurant menu, place an order, receive special promotions from the restaurant, and engage with other diners.

Once you've ordered from a restaurant and are placed In this community, you can talk with other customers and management of the restaurant to discuss your meal experience. We've all sat at a table waiting for our food when a sizzling plate of goodness passes by. Now, customers can finally ask other customers about the delicious food they ordered. It even allows customers to make notes on their service, so management knows when waitstaff are performing well — or not.

As Bonder expands into the retail and dining space, it hopes to continue to build local communities and encourage engagement with all walks of life. "People from Brazil, Greenland, Norway, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, China, India, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, Pakistan, and more have downloaded Bonder in the last few months," says Bonder's creator and founder Scott Swanson. "This demonstrates not only a global awareness, but also acceptance, of our platform from users across a multitude of demographics."

Currently, Bonder's biggest user demographic is between the ages of 20 and 35. As the platform continues to grow and add more services, it has noted growth in new age groups such as the 65- to 70-year-old range.

As a true "people's platform" where users can connect with local retailers and one another, Bonder continues to grow by hundreds of users each week. "Users are able to connect with others in their local communities for virtually anything they want," Swanson says. "We expect the sectors our users engage in to grow along with the platform in the future."

To learn more about Bonder or to download the Bonder app for the iPhone or Android, visit today.