How Best-Selling Author Cindy Monroe Is Helping Other Women Embrace Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Cindy Monroe

Women have historically faced challenges in rising to the highest ranks of professional leadership. As such, those who succeed need to empower other women.

As a leadership mentor and executive chairwoman of Thirty-One Gifts, Cindy Monroe is on a mission to show other women how to embrace their inner leaders and channel their maximum potential.

Cindy realized that the business ecosystem is challenging for female entrepreneurs, forcing most of them to give up on their dreams. As a star who fought for her right to shine, she wants to make the journey for others easier through her multiple media platforms.

Her podcast, Permission to Lead with Cindy Monroe, encourages high-achieving women to strive for more by providing strategic and life-planning advice. Along with her guests, many of them bold female CEOs, Cindy unfolds practical and reliable plans to flourish at both work and home.

Recently Cindy celebrated the first 20 years with the company she started in the basement of her Chattanooga, Tennessee, home, Thirty-One Gifts. During her time as CEO, the company reached nearly $800 million in sales, with more than 100,000 independent consultants in the U.S. and Canada, and over 1,000 employees.

In honor of the anniversary, Cindy released her first book, "More than a Bag." In the book, she not only shares her own entrepreneurial journey, but she outlines 31 principles to help women in business, including finding your spark, defining your why, loving your people, and leaning into your potential.

After years as an influential figure, Cindy hopes to reach more women and be of service in pursuing their goals. She says, "What I offer, though, is years of experience empowering people by helping them embrace their full potential to go above and beyond what they ever thought possible and doing this by setting their intentions, casting their vision, mapping their goals, and driving to achieve those goals."

To know more about Cindy and how you can apply her principles to flourish in your professional and personal life, visit her website.