How is a Baby Born? Illustrative Children's Book on Sex Shocks Koreans

The book titled 'How is a Baby Born, a book for toddlers,' explains the process of conceiving a child with illustrations.

A children's book with illustrations titled "How a Baby is Made, a book for toddlers," in Korean language has shocked netizens. It has led to a debate online if it is the right time to explain the process with illustration or will it have an adverse effect on children.

The news was published in the According to the site, the book describes the process of conceiving a baby in detail. The book has illustrations of showing the penis of the man and vagina of the woman with the text "Mom and dad love each other. That is why they kiss. When dad's wiener gets erected and grows big, it stands up. Then two people want to put it inside each other because it is fun."

Korean book
Korean children's book on "How a baby is born" has become a topic of discussion online.

To Read or Not t Read is the Question...

The book is said to be for kids studying in the elementary school. The book further has illustrations showing the man putting the penis inside the vagina in the sleeping position. The text states: "Two people on bed are mom and dad. Dad puts his penis in mom's vagina. They make their bodies go up and down. This process is called sexual intercourse."

Parents and netizens have expressed their discomfort in showing such information to their children. But a section of people are arguing that it is better to know about sex at an young age so that children do not have any misconception and learn to take it as a natural process.

Illustrative Book VS Porn on Internet

"I think it would be much better than learning strangely through porn or internet," commented a netizen. "It's better to be standard because it tells you what's real right from the start," said another one. "These days children are exposed to porn quite early and they need normal sex education before that," read one more comment justifying the contents of the book.

Many others, especially parents, expressed disbelief and fear. "What will you do if your child imitates what is in the book. That's horrifying," said one netizen. "To tell a child that sex is fun is isn't crossing the line? What if the child wants to try the fun part," said an online reader. "I am a bit shocked at this book. I mean is this book really for elementary kids?," questioned another reader.