How author Mark van Stratum found solace in writing

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Mark van Stratum

Every book worm's life revolves around the captivating storyline of the recent book they have read. If it's been a long since you developed such an intimate connection with a book, or if you are constantly let down by mainstream writers, it's a sign that you need to leave your comfort zone and explore the wide variety of books that await your attention. Browsing through different genres and reading more books from indie writers can help you enhance your taste in book selection and maybe finally find that book you've been looking for.

Mark van Stratum is a writer who has recently published his 2nd book- Alpha Seed Beta Needs.. A true love story that is filled with thrilling adventures infused with romantic chase and truth hunting.

Earlier in 2017, Mark launched his very first book- Drug of Choice, which was inspired by the true events of his life. Growing up as a troubled child, he was exposed to many adult problems at a very young age. When he was 5, he lost one of his arms and was abandoned by his father. Battling a tough childhood, Mark inspired himself to revolt back against the disparities and create a life worth living. He left the country, gave up on drugs, and pursued writing as a serious passion.

As explained by Mark himself, all his writings correspond to the true experiences that have shaped him. Unlike the other writers, who reshape tales that were recorded through someone else's vision, he has always interested his readers with unknown expeditions of mundane life, which have engaging psychological challenges embedded in it. Though his writing is rhetoric, it always has a clue of values that allows the reader to take away a beautiful life lesson.

While highlighting the key points of his journey, Mark recalls his life at 20 years old. Creating the future that you want for yourself is the first step towards a successful life. Quoting from his own book he says, "If you change your behavior, you'll change your results." Yearning for change and taking the appropriate steps to make that change is the true challenge of life.

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This article was first published on August 27, 2021