How Aurimas Juodka and Brian Kelly are helping people around the world with Breath masters

Breath Masters

Breath Masters is the world's most popular and reputable international online school for licensed Transformational Breath Coach certification. Aurimas Juodka is the CEO of YogiLab, a Bali-based personal development platform, and the founder of Breath Masters. Introduced to Breathwork over a decade ago, he realized that the world desperately needed the drug and founded Breath Masters. AJ has spent time in performance circles and biohacking circles, discovering that breathwork is the most effective modality for rapid transformation.

Brian Kelly is co-founder and head coach of Breath Masters, an international online school for Transformational Breath Coach certification. Speaking in detail about the program, Brian said: The ancient origins of breathwork, understanding and dealing with trauma, aspects of education and space retention, all technical aspects of online leadership, contraindications, and more.

All educational modules in the course delve deep into ancient techniques that can be used to transform every aspect of the lives of students and their clients. "

Breath Masters is the result of combining Brian's proprietary method (experience in 9D Breathwork) with AJ's extensive coaching and training background, as well as business acumen, in its first year. It has grown into a seven-figure company.