How Andrew Jernigan Became an Insurance Tech Pioneer

Andrew Jernigan

Andrew Jernigan is the founder and CEO of Insured Nomads, the first Insurtech company offering global benefits for digital nomads through its mobile app, Wallet Pass. This solution has been a long time coming for Andrew, a man who started his journey as a digital nomad in 2000.

He spent a number of years in the rural parts of Ghana in West Africa where he and his wife, Juliana, worked together to provide healthcare to those who could not afford it or travel to hospitals.

A digital nomad uses telecommunication technologies to earn a living. They usually work remotely from foreign countries, coffee shops, co-working spaces and the list goes on.

Today, Andrew Jernigan leads a distributed team of like-minded people who provide powerful protection and exceptional customer service for customers across the world.

"My work is protecting people". It's clear; Andrew has absolute satisfaction every time he is able to serve people.

Jernigan has a strong belief in people saying "each of us must learn and reprogram so that people come first. Prejudice and racism must be replaced with love and respect."

Seven years ago, Andrew faced death's door and had to have open-heart surgery. After pulling through, it gave him a whole new outlook on life. Now he practices gratitude every day and believes that life should not be lived in isolation.

Andrew believes in the power of giving back. He has lived in villages such as near Lake Bosomtwe in Ghana, a place that suffered from a cholera outbreak while he was living there. He shares sentiments of his past experiences and contributions.
'The feeling of being able to provide the resources that could keep people from dying was wonderful."

In all that he does, his focus has always been centered on helping people.
"We can do so much more in making sure people stay alive through problems, illness, with access to clean water, healthcare and medicines".

This insurance tech pioneer is all about finding and dwelling in inner peace because he knows what his purpose is: "When I'm at peace with who I am, I then align with my source of strength, I am then able to be in happiness".

Happiness, Andrew believes, is a blend of ingredients, that when in the right balance goes a long way. He strongly believes having variety is key as well: physical activity, getting enough sleep, eating well, and getting outdoors are key.

Andrew Jernigan is the Insurance Tech pioneer who is making a difference and one who believes in the power of family and community.

Even more important, he believes that every individual has something special inside them to contribute. His passion lies in protecting people with insurance regardless of where they are from, and living out the mission that Insured Nomads is there for everyone.