How a Millennial-Run Real Estate Brokerage Found Success Promoting Listings on SocialMedia Inbox

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Adam Olsen Team

When he was just 18 years old, Adam Olsen decided to make it big in the world of real estate. There was only one problem: he was young, very young. In an industry that values experience over anything else, it would prove to be challenging to be taken seriously by others in the industry. However, he had a plan. He would leverage the power of social media in a way that nobody else was doing at the time. This turned out to be his ticket to success.

Fast-forward seven years later, and The Adam Olsen Team has become a leader in using social media marketing to promote real estate listings for its clients. Today, it has around 200 listings, all of which are promoted using the extensive network of social media channels this brokerage manages. This allows listings to potentially receive two million views every month.

Social media giants like Instagram and Facebook have billions of users. This means there is a tremendous amount of opportunities to reach a sizable target audience that will be interested in the listings being promoted by The Adam Olsen Team. With the standard seven days provided to clients to promote their listings, there is more than enough time to get interested buyers connected through the brokerage with the seller.

Using social media marketing involves running paid promotions that reach a refined target audience. It also includes promoting a listing using professional photography of the property being sold, as well as a high-quality video that can even include drone footage.

With 2020 and 2021 marred by a global pandemic, many things have become upended. However, The Adam Olsen Team has helped bring some normalcy into the world of real estate by leveraging tools that exist to provide a safe and efficient transaction experience. The use of virtual meetings ensures this brokerage can show off home without a prospective buyer ever setting foot in it.

This is an option that has become increasingly demanded by people looking to play it safe while still being able to shop around for a new home. It is also far superior to the traditional virtual tours used by a majority of the real estate industry today. Using the power of virtual meetings and walkthroughs has been a boon for The Adam Olsen Team and has helped their clients sell their homes faster than they otherwise would have.

Promoting real estate listings on social media has proven to be so successful that other real estate agents are doing the same. However, they have been unable to develop the extensive social media network that The Adam Olsen Team has over the past seven years. Given their first-mover advantage, it is unlikely that anyone else will be able to match the reach this brokerage has for quite some time.