How Ahn Fire Digital Is on Track to Become a Household Name for All Sports Fans

 Ahn Fire Digital

The sports industry is highly competitive, whether one is a hard-working athlete or an entrepreneur trying to establish a sports publication from the ground up. Brad Ahn is one of the individuals thriving with the latter of those two, and he's been making a name for himself within the last decade. Having started his brand with a blog in 2011 named Heat Nation, Brad put hours of work into curating authentic news and information regarding the Miami Heat basketball team.

What simply began as a passion project to provide readers with content that wasn't just clickbait pumped full of half-truths quickly turned into a reliable source that a broad audience turned to for its daily updates on the Heat. This outcome was something Brad had only ever dreamed of when he first started, and having it actually become a reality was an incredible moment in his life.

Seeing the success he had gained encouraged him to push the limits and create more publications, which were scaled with the help of his ever-evolving system. On top of Heat Nation, Brad is now also running Dolphin Nation, Cavaliers Nation, and Lakers Daily. These team-based publications are run by a specially curated team of professionals who have impressive backgrounds in digital marketing, sports journalism, and editing.

Currently, there are 11 employees working for Brad and his brands, each of whom he owes a great deal of credit. He understands the importance of a strong team that works together like a well-crafted machine, which is why he spent a great deal of resources on ensuring his team included nothing but high-level professionals.

Taking time to thoroughly go through prospects was the right choice by far, and since then, Brad's companies have produced nothing but top-tier and exclusive content. Such a level of effort comes from nothing but hard work and a genuine passion for one's industry, something he made sure to look out for during the hiring process.

"Be in love with your industry," is a phrase he enjoys sharing with other entrepreneurs, as it's something that has greatly helped him throughout his own journey of expanding. It was also on his mind as he made the decision to officially incorporate things in 2019 and thus created Ahn Fire Digital. This newest company has quickly become the head operation for everything Brad does, as it's grown to be the biggest of all his publications. While the others are all team-based, Ahn Fire Digital covers all 30 NBA and 32 NFL teams.

Creating such a big publication paid off immensely, and Brad has seen a massive increase in page views across all platforms. Last year, in 2019, the brands were only getting just under five million views a month, but that number has doubled to over 10 million since then. The goal is to continue multiplying those numbers, and at this rate, it's sure to happen.

Brad has big plans for the future of each of his publications, and he won't stop until Ahn Fire Digital becomes a household name and the top choice for sports-related news.