How to achieve flawless skin like Vivian Cha? Model dishes out secrets

Vivian Cha is a South Korean model and Girls' Generations Yuri's cousin.

South Korean model and Girls' Generations Yuri's cousin, Vivian Cha has spilled few beans over her skin care beauty regimen. In an interview with Cosmopolitan Korea, the 23-year-old revealed that she is not a fan of heavy make-up.

She told the publication: "I wear a small amount of moist concealer all over my face for a clean skin look, then brush my eyebrows and finish the look by adding a bit of color to the lips."

Cha is now a known name in the K-pop industry and represents many cosmetic and fashion brands. She was apparently introduced by her idol cousin, Yuri, in one of the episode of Channel Girls' Generation in 2015. Her pretty looks gave her edge in the fashion industry, and helped her bag a lot of assignments.

When asked what is the the secret to her clear skin, Cha revealed that she washes her face well and tries to put on a facial mask every single day. As for her diet, she told the magazine that she enjoys every delicacy without counting calories.

"No matter how high in calories, I enjoy my food. When I do have to go on a diet, I eat one meal a day. I eat only a little bit of the foods I really want to eat instead of eating the low-calorie meals, " she said.