How 25-Year-Old Entrepreneur Bailey Knight Founded a Business That Earned £1M+ Since Lockdown

Bailey Knight

Nobody is going to forget 2020 any time soon. The pandemic-related lockdowns have led to a large number of businesses closing their doors, and a good chunk of them doing so for good. It hasn't been easy for a lot of people, but 25-year-old Bailey Knight isn't one of the people struggling. Since the lockdowns started, his dropshipping business has earned over £1 million in revenue.

Bailey has been an entrepreneur at heart for a long time, but he didn't chase after his passion for being his own boss until he was 23. That is when he quit his job and started to work full-time for himself, along with his business partner. Two years later, it is now a thriving dropshipping business that ships globally from his home base in Cardiff, Wales.

A big reason for his success in creating a seven-figure figure is due to linking up with a man named Jay, who worked online and made a great living doing it. When he saw that, he instantly knew that is what he wanted to do. Once he became good friends with Jay, he was pushed to quit work and pursue starting his own business. This would end up being one of the best decisions he ever made.

The main business endeavor Bailey decided to get involved in was dropshipping within the world of ecommerce. This turned out to be an excellent choice considering how 2020 has been so far. Ever since lockdowns were enacted, brick and mortar stores have taken a beating. With people unable to go to physical locations to shop, ecommerce has exploded in popularity this year. That has been the ticket to Bailey's success.

Thanks to the success he has recently achieved, Bailey has checked off a life goal of his recently. He was able to buy his dream car, a Lamborghini Huracan, along with an Audi R8, and Range Rover. When he was able to get his lambo, that is when it really hit him that he finally made it.

These days, Bailey has enough time on his hands to do things he really enjoys, like traveling around the world to places like Bali, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, and the United States. While it's a bit harder to get around these days due to the lockdown, Bailey knows that he has plenty of traveling opportunities to enjoy in the future.

Bailey hopes that his story will inspire other aspiring entrepreneurs to take the reins of their lives and become successful business owners.

Lockdowns or not, Bailey is one entrepreneur who has figured out the secret to success in the new economy. Since he is still quite new to the dropshipping niche, he is planning to expand his operations and scale the success that he has already enjoyed.

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