How 20-Year-OldMarketing Guru DJ Scher Achieved Success at a Young Age

David Scher

David Scher, or DJ Scher as he's known, has achieved quite a bit of success already, even though he's just 20 years old. Today, he boasts of being a social media influencer and a Discontinued Talent business partner with Alex Smetana. He also runs both a modeling agency and a marketing agency. DJ Scher is someone who aims for the sky and then goes beyond it.

With his main focus being on influencer marketing, DJ Scher has helped numerous brands skyrocket their growth and reach on social media platforms like Instagram. He loves helping others grow on social media and enjoys watching their success thanks to his efforts.

Hailing from New Jersey but being based out of Los Angeles, David Scher keeps busy as the owner of three different companies. His focus lies on helping brands have a bigger impact online. Tied into this, he runs Scher Marketing, which is his principal digital marketing agency through which he helps brands explode their growth. DJ Scher also loves helping artists run their digital marketing campaigns to achieve sold-out shows.

Besides digital marketing on the social media landscape, DJ Scher also is involved in the wide and lucrative world of dropshipping. Ever since the pandemic struck, ecommerce has exploded in popularity, allowing entrepreneurs like DJ Scher to rake in handsome profits. He has been successfully applying his marketing skills to dropshipping he learned from social media marketing, which has helped cement his success.

Achieving such a level of success by the time he was 20 years old isn't something everyone can do. So, what's his secret? According to him, it doesn't necessarily matter how old you are, what school you went to, or what degrees you have. What drives success is the work you put into whatever it is that you focus on. DJ Scher puts all of his focus on his dreams and goals, which is what has helped him achieve the immense success he now enjoys.

Throughout his journey, there have been many things that could have thwarted DJ Scher's success. Given just how young he was when he got started on the entrepreneurial path, there were very few people who believed in him. This didn't help his own self-doubts while he was establishing his businesses. There were a number of times where he felt like the entire world was against him. Even the people who he could usually count on for support, like his friends and family, didn't believe in what he was doing.

However, DJ Scher was compelled to succeed. The entrepreneurial spirit was strong in this one. Achieving success meant first getting uncomfortable. He went to work and did the 24/7 grind to succeed. After stopping bad habits and cutting people off who were sabotaging his success, he finally made it and became the successful entrepreneur he is today.

All of the success DJ Scher achieved at such a young age came with sheer determination and perseverance. He believes that anyone can unlock the same sort of success he has when they maintain their resolve and focus on success.