Horrifying Videos Show Dozens of Victims Trapped and Dangling in Air 24 Hours After India Cable Car Accident

Several dozen people are trapped after a cable car accident in India and rescue efforts have not completed 24 hours later, leaving the victims stranded hundreds of feet up in the air. The accident happened in the Indian state of Jharkhand on Sunday. The Indian Air Force has been deployed for the rescue operation.

Jharkhand cable car
Jharkhand cable car Twitter

India's Highest Vertical Ropeway

The Trikut ropeway is near a famous religious site of Hindus and is the country's highest vertical ropeway. So far, the cause of the incident is yet to be ascertained but officials believe that some technical snag would have triggered the incident.

Jharkhand cable car
Screengrab of cable car mishap in India's Deoghar district Twitter

The ropeway manager of the facility and the two employees fled the site soon after the incident. The 766-meters-long ropeway facility has 25 carriages.

Officials have so far rescued 19 people and the operation is still underway but rescue choppers are facing difficulties due to the complex structure of ropeway wires.

Complex Cable Wires Delay Rescue

Three people have been admitted to the hospital as they were rescued 20 hours after being stuck in cable cars due to the incident. Officials have assured that all the people will be rescued safely in the next few hours.

Jharkhand state's Chief Minister Soren informed that the state sought help from the center and National Disaster Response Force and Indian Air Force were deployed for the rescue.

People who are stuck in the wagons are being provided food and water bottles. However, due to certain difficulties all of them are not being able to be provided with meals.

Videos emerged online have shown that people are being rescued by MI-17 choppers. However, the cable wires' complexity is creating hurdles in rescue efforts. IAF Garud Commandos are also involved in the rescue operation.