Horrifying Crime Scene: 3 Women, Including a Grandmother and Disabled Girl Found Dead Inside Queens Home with Throats Brutally Slashed

Three women were found with their throats severely slashed at a home in Queens, New York on Friday, in what police believe to be a triple homicide. One of the victims had a severe head trauma. Police described the crime scene as horrific and disturbing.

Liza Colon, a neighbour, said the way they died – a 68-year-old native of Kingston, Jamaica, her 47-year-old daughter and her 26-year-old step-daughter, who had severe health issues and used a wheelchair. "The way they died was so harsh and horrible. No one should go like that at all," she said.

Other neighbours described the 68-year-old victim as hardworking and devoted to her family.

Crime Scene

Son and Health Aide Found the Bodies

The eldest woman's son returned home from work but couldn't get into the house as he didn't have a key. He told a neighbour William Sanders, who has known the family for 13 years, that no one answered the door. Sanders said the son waited in his car as he knew that a home health aide who cares for the 26-year-old would come soon and would have a key.

The son discovered the bodies and called Sanders. "He called me. I found Mama and the other two victims dead," Sanders said. He claimed to have a close relationship with the oldest victim. "If I was broke, she would give me $20. I can't believe it," he said. "I won't believe until they walk out with the body. She was a person that would take time out when I was in the hospital and look at me and burst into tears."

The bodies were found by a home health attendant, who cared for the step-daughter, at around 10.40 a.m. Ian Taylor, the aide's brother, told reporters that the victims were like family to them. "My sister worked with that little girl for almost 10 years," he said. "Take care of that little girl. She couldn't speak, she couldn't walk, nothing. And they are such nice persons. I can't really believe this happened to them."

Search for Grandson

Police say a knife was left behind at the home on 182nd Street and described the crime as a "domestic isolated incident", and there is no harm to the public.


Investigators are trying to find the person, believed to be a young male, responsible for this horrifying crime. They are looking for a 21-year-old grandson. Police said he may be driving the older victim's vehicle.

Mayor Eric Adams briefly visited the crime scene and offered his condolences to the family.