"Hope over hype - Victorija Lubyte wears most expensive brands but does something bigger than that in life"

Victorija Lubyte

Have you ever wondered what it's like to buy the latest trends in the fashion world. For most of the world, It's a dream to buy expensive brands but today we introduce you to someone who resonates with the name luxury. Someone who has been associated with the biggest brands worldwide as someone who gets her hands on the latest fashionable clothing or accessories around the world.

Victorija Lubyte, An avid traveler, a collector of Art, and a consumer of Chic designs around the world has a way of living that's tempting to more than half of the world. Life can only get so much better, Chartering in private jets, Cruising on yachts, and living the queen life with brands.

Victorija believes in "you only live once" and ensures she lives her life that way. Hailing from an extremely influential family of Lithunia, Victoria has her own plans with life. With a family like that, one can expect luxury but It's Victorija philanthropy that wins our hearts.

While being passionate about brands, she is a firm believer in animal welfare. Victorija strongly affirms that Animals are the most beautiful part of our ecosystem and that we abuse them beyond necessity. She further added, "We have all tried to learn communication all our lives to express better but animals do that with one pure hug, Maybe we don't need the language of love, It's just gestures". Such philosophical thoughts forced us to question our own belief in the power of expressing love.

Today, If someone sees the luxury in her life, you most definitely missed out on her philanthropy. Victorija is also connected with Astikya, An Indian Orphanage run by Suhani Rampuria. Victorija firmly believes that one must invest in Humans more than anything else because the return on investment is 1000x more than any other plan. She believes hope is always bigger than hype and money and time invested in kids is building the formation of a better tomorrow.

We are all in awe with her thoughts and the world can't wait to have more people like Victorija Lubyte.