Hong Sang Soo's wife dishes out details about director's love affair with Kim Min Hee

Hong Sang Soo reportedly confessed to his daughter about Min Hee in September 2015.

The case of the alleged affair between Hong Sang Soo and actress Kim Min Hee is taking an unpleasant turn, with the director's wife releasing text messages and details of the affair to the media.

In a brief interaction with the media outlet, Dispatch, Sang Soo's wife revealed details on her relationship with the 56-year-old, and how the love affair grew between the director and the 24-year-old actress.

The reports suggest that Mrs. Hong found out their affair after she saw her husband's film, Right Now, Wrong Then, starring Min Hee. Though she did not pay much attention to her suspicion at that time, she was devastated when her director husband told the family about him moving out.

Mrs. Hong revealed: "We've lived together for 30 years. We were a married couple that everyone envied. Director Hong is a family man. He was caring... I respected him as a director and loved him as a husband."

As per the report, the film director confessed to his daughter about Min Hee in September 2015 and blatantly told his wife to date other men. However, Mrs. Hong and their teenage daughter tried to hold him back, but the Hill of Freedom director continuously insisted on creating a new life with Min Hee.

Adding on, Mrs. Hong also told Dipatch about her confrontation with Min Hee, to which the actress reportedly responded with: "That's why you should've managed your husband better".

Meanwhile, in a new report released by Star News, Mrs. Hong stated: "I will never divorce him. I'm going to wait for him until I die. I still love my husband, and he loved me too. Everyone around us knows how family-oriented my husband is. I'm being hopeful. My husband will return to me."