Hong Kong police arrest 49 protesters; 16 injured in latest demonstration

Hong Kong protest
Hong Kong protest YouTube grab

Around 49 people were arrested and 16 were injured after protestors and police clashed in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, the police said on Monday.

The arrests were made for taking part in an unauthorised rally and possession of offensive weapons on Sunday, according to a statement released by Hong Kong police. The suspects can be punishable with a three to a five-year prison sentence as well as hefty fines.

Four injured persons were discharged from hospital while the remaining 12 are said to be stable, hospital officials told local media.

The recent demonstration defied police ban to march to Beijing's liaison office from Chater Garden to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park in the city's downtown area. Millions of Hong Kong citizens have protested for the past few months to demand the contentious extradition bill that would allow the communist regime to pursue their political targets residing in Hong Kong.

The protest turned violent after police force tried to clear the roads occupied by protestors stretching more than six kilometres. Demonstrators clashed with the police for hours at Connaught Road and Des Voeux Road – the two main thoroughfares in Central and Western district reported South China Morning Post.

The police statement said the protestors attacked the police with "bricks, glass bottles, paint bombs; pouring suspected corrosive liquids; and shooting metal marbles with a crossbow." A trolley filled with cardboard was also set on fire and hurled towards officers.

The police responded by firing tear gas and beanbag rounds. The officials have condemned the recent violence and said the protestors vandalised government property, committed arson and attacked officers with lethal weapons.

The recent violence followed the protests that took place in Yeun Long on Saturday where police fired tear gas to disperse crowds of protestors.

China said State Council Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office (HKMAO) will hold a media conference on Monday, "to "brief its stance and views on Hong Kong's current situation," on Monday.

It will be the first press conference by China's Hong Kong office since the uproar over the extradition bill began.