Hong Kong Actress Carman Lee, Who Defeated Depression, Reveals Secrets Behind Her Youthful Looks

Hong Kong actress Carman Lee is now looking forward to working on a play called Thunderstorm, written by Cao Yu

Carman Lee, the popular Hong Kong actress, who left the limelight at the height of her career in 2004 is staging a come back with hardly any age change in her looks. She experienced a painful breakup with her former boyfriend and her father's death, pushing her to the bottom of spirit with depression that lasted until 2010. But a change of lifestyle helped her to return to the entertainment industry that welcomed her back and encouraged her to write a book too.

"The Condor Heroes 95" actress said that her mood remained extremely fluctuated during the period and her doctor was afraid that she "might do something stupid, like attempting suicide." But her family and friends helped her to get through the most difficult period of her life.

Starting a different life, she involved herself in gym sessions regularly and it helped the Hong Kong actress whose full name is Carman Lee Yeuk-tung. Her Weibo account now includes many photos of her enviable six-pack abs which she recently noticed during her visit to mainland China.

Carman Lee
Hong Kong Actress Carman Lee Twitter

As per South China Morning Post, Lee not only took control over her health by putting herself into rigorous exercise sessions, but also changed her lifestyle that helped get back her youthful looks.

The Shining Career

The Hong Kong actress started her career after being spotted by a talent scout in 1990 when she used to be an air hostess. Later she appeared in movies like The Wicked City (1992), Loving You (1995), The Odd One Lives (1997), and Hollywood movie Knock Off (1998).

After slipping away from the limelight in 2004, it took her ten years to return to the entertainment industry when she signed for TVB drama series Never Dance Alone, after award-winning Hong Kong actor Chow Yun-fat encouraged her. Lee also appeared in several Chinese productions, including TV series The Untamed (2019) and Familiar Taste IV (2019).

Carman Lee
Hong Kong actress Carman Lee (Left : 1995, Right : 2018) Twitter/ Carmie_twt

Lee's youthful looks fascinate many still. Even though she never revealed her actual age, it is believed to be between 46 and 53. According to her, plenty of sleep, eating heartily with friends, regular exercise, and staying young at heart -- keep her youthful.

Revealing her beauty secrets, Lee said: "I do face masks every day. I love sleeping. Enough rest makes your skin looks good. I have lots of friends who enjoy having meals with me. Exercise is also very important ... my coach told me once there's a big difference in the skin quality of people who always exercise and those who don't."

After her win over depression, Lee said she now starts trying new things, such as working on "Thunderstorm" which is a theater performance based on the classic play of the same name written by Chinese playwriter Cao Yu.

During the Coronavirus pandemic when the work was suspended, "I made use of the time to write about how I overcame the lowest points in my life and my beauty secrets. My thoughts will be collated into a book for publication, hopefully, next year," she said.

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