Hollywood star John Cusack voices support for Indian students opposing new migrant law

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Hollywood actor John Cusack has extended his support to a student-led movement in India that is opposing a controversial new migrant law.

The Indian government last week past a controversial law that many in the country claim to be anti-Muslim. Since then, protests have erupted in several parts of the country. On Monday, a student-led agitation turned violent and the police in the Indian capital of New Delhi entered a prominent university to violently clamp down the protesters.

Video: Hong Kong like protest, students-police clash in India over new migrant law

In a series of tweets, American actor John Cusack condemned the attack on students. Being John Malkovich actor posted several tweets addressing the attacks that had shaken India since Monday evening.

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The Serendipity star also shared several video clippings of the attacks which were tagged as "Video from the assaults". He also shared the quotes of author Arundhati Roy on the current situation in the state.

Another tweet posted by Cusack reads, "Reports from Delhi are it was a war zone last night - Fascism is not a joke - we use the word with the understanding it's deadly." The actor also marked a comment on the economy of India, as one of his tweets read: "Indian economy in ICU -- chaos -- civil war."

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Videos of police attacking students in New Delhi have stirred up the attention of a nation, still coming to terms with the larger implications of the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) that many in the country view as anti-Muslim aimed at creating a divide in the country.

The bill, which has already become an Act, grants citizenship to non-Muslim religious minorities escaping persecution in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. The passing of the people has seen massive protests in the country, especially in the North East, where the situation still remains tense.

The protests that reached the capital Delhi on Sunday turned violent and as per reports, at least 50 people including both police and protesters were injured in the clashes.

Since the violent attacks on the students, at least a dozen universities in several parts of India have come out in solidarity with their peers at the national capital's Jamia Millia Islamia.