Holly Madison Charge of Traumatic and Embarrassing Sex with Hugh Hefner a Publicity Gimmick? Social Media Questions

The shocking revelations made by Reality TV star Holly Madison about her "traumatic" and "embarrassing" moments of having sex with Hugh Hefner in front of group of people has created a furor on social media.

Madison, 42, dated Hefner from 2001 to 2008 and stayed with him at the latter's Playboy Mansion where he would indulge in sex with multiple women.

Going into further details, Madison said that Hefner forced himself on her for the first time to have sex and then she had no option but to become his girlfriend.

Holly Maddison and Hugh Hefner

Why Did Maddison Take So long to Reveal the Truth?

However, there is a mixed response to Madison's allegations against Hefner on social media as a large faction of followers believe that she was "innocent" who became an easy prey for Hefner. At the same time, a faction of social media followers think that her revelation is nothing but a means to get publicity as she traded sex for money which was not forced on her. The faction also questioned as to why did Madison keep quiet for so many years?

A report published by Page Six referred to Madison's claim stating that she was "so f–ing wasted" after a party in Los Angeles. While taking a bath with other girls, another playmate, who was referred to as "the recruiter," allegedly called out to Hefner and said, "Daddy ... Do you wanna get the new girl?" "I s–t you not, next thing I know he's on top of me," Madison said. "I just remember feeling so gross and so used," the report stated further.

A Twitter user wrote, "Holly Madison used Hugh Hefner for money and Hugh Hefner used Holly Madison for sex. Now we hear of a weekly story of her saying she was grossed by Hugh Hefner. Sounds more like more money- making scheme to sell books with shock value. She is now using a dead Hefner for money."

Another user expressed, "Holly Madison: 'Everybody' called Hugh Hefner 'Daddy' in 'the bedroom' But while Hugh was paying y'all the sex was great but now no more NOW you embarrassed? You are really embarrassing yourself more right now Gold Digger!!!!!"