Holistic fitness, wellness and training have a new meaning: Boxx Era by Jeeth Sanghavi.

Jeeth Sanghavi

A few decades ago, when people spoke about fitness and strength training, they only associated these disciplines with men and male fitness experts. Can we have the same opinion in today's day and age? Well, we all are aware of how the dynamics have changed in the fitness space all over the world for the better, where people have seen the rise of many women fitness professionals, trainers, and experts who have spared no effort in even turning into "fitpreneurs." One such fitpreneur that we noticed consistently rising in the sector was Jeeth Sanghavi, the woman who gave birth to her elite boutique fitness studio and a transformation clinic named Boxx Era, co-founded by Shivani Dahiya, another top international professional boxer, and coach.

Jeeth Sanghavi, former International and national lawn tennis and boxing athlete and advanced-level mountaineer, always dreamt of creating a place that could effortlessly promote holistic fitness and training services and that which could provide transformational results to people. She decided to break away from the clutter in the industry and so in 2019 came up with Boxx Era, which has grown beyond being just another fitness studio or gym in the industry. She highlights that it is not another fancy studio but a solid solution for those who constantly seek the results of their hard work and perseverance in fitness.

It is a women-led center that has the best team of male and female coaches who help each of their clients explore the most effective methods for stepping on their transformation journey. They focus on a customized approach to fitness, pressing on the fact that a "one-size fits all" approach never works in fitness. Offering a range of services, be it sports-specific training, like Jeeth gave to global actor Priyanka Chopra for her film Mary Kom, or 1:1 training, group training, adaptive programs for clients with medical issues, nutritional plans, rehab/prehab programs, and transformation programs, they make people fall in love with fitness and in their own journey to attaining their fitness goals., making a clear positive shift in their mindset forever.

This has allowed Boxx Era (@boxxera.in) to give people desired results, transforming them not just physically but also emotionally, mentally, and psychologically for their better and healthier tomorrow.