Holi 2016 : Top places to celebrate festival of colours in Singapore

Holi is popular in Singapore with its strong Indian diaspora and cultural affinities with India developed over generations.

Holi is here, another festival from India the land colours, which the world has lapped up. Singapore is no different, with its strong Indian diaspora and cultural affinities with India developed over generations.

Holi in itself is a festival of colours, which is actually celebrated to bridge the social gap and renew friendships and forgotten relationships. Indians and people of Indian descent acorss the world celebrate the festival of brightness, happiness, unlimited masti and loads colorus with excitement.

Though many people keep the celebrations simple and just engage in applying a pinch of dried colour on each other, there are many who look forward to big social gatherings, cultural events and even pool parties to keep the festive excitement alive.

So, if you are one of those who longs to pump up the festive mood, and wants to break the monotony of simple homely celebrations, then here is the list of some awesome venues around Singapore where you can enjoy the Holi festivity with tons of other people.

Rang de Holi, Sentosa

There is a Holi special party every year which attracts many people to Sentosa. It boasts of its culturally rich entertainment, fun activities, DJ music, street food, drinks and lots of networking .

Venue : Wavehouse, Sentosa
Date - 26th March
Ticket : Adults - S$ 20
Child - S$ 10

Rang de Holi, Kembangan

The Bhojpuri Society and the Kembangan CC IAEC brings it's 11th installment of Holi celebration. The event promises electrifying performances with the best DJs and the best Bhangra troupe in Singapore.

Venue : Kembangan
Date - 26th March
Ticket : S$ 5/ person

Bollywood Beach Holi

One of the 'most happening' Bollywood beach holi celebrations are at their fourth edition with eco-friendly colours, nostalgic pichkaris, glorious gujias, terrific thandai and Bollywood songs in the most family friendly, pocket friendly and fun filled environment.

Venue : Angsana Green, ECP beach
Date - 2nd April
Ticket : S$ 10/ person

Let's Play Holi

A cultural family event with loads of Bollywood beats by DJ Milan, accompanied by the Singapore Dhol Federation with their percussive beats.

Venue : Esplanade Lawn
Date - 26th March
Ticket : Free

Rang Barse, MCC Holi Party

Organised by Mariners every year, the MCC Holi party is a family event with loads of color, great food & drinks, some loud music and awkward dancing.

Venue : Aloha Changi – Changi Cottage & Fairy Point
Date - 27th March
Ticket : Members: $25/ person
Guests: $50 / person

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