HODL Assets Co-Founders Are Tapping Web3 Social to Launch 'GalaxE by HODL': The Industry's First Cross-Blockchain NFT Marketplace

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GalaxE by HODL

Technology is fast advancing in the cryptocurrency and digital asset space, making the metaverse an increasingly welcoming and potentially profitable place for creators and collectors. And the trio of co-founders at HODL Assets, who each bring a uniquely relevant set of skills to the table, are making the most of the tools at their disposal to build innovation into the heart of their platform's ecosystem.

NFTs Join Web 3.0 Social

AJ Bosch, HODL co-founder, and CTO is an experienced blockchain developer who is known for finding creative solutions to complex problems. About the space and their project, AJ says, "NFTs and Web3 social go hand-in-hand in building a user-friendly platform that 'one ups' the other most popular NFT marketplaces." He explains that by using Rabet for full Web3 integration and Metamask for quick, easy login, the GalaxE platform will let users connect all their social media accounts in a central location and access them all from inside their GalaxE account, saving time and hassle and driving engagement. But that's just one aspect of what the platform has to offer.

AR & The Metaverse

Another area where the GalaxE platform shines is in the metaverse and augmented reality (AR) space. Whereas companies like Facebook (currently rebranding as Meta) focus primarily on a virtual reality (VR) model, AJ and his two co-founders believe AR is the direction the metaverse is heading. As co-founder and CEO Lenny Schutz puts it, "AR just feels more real to the user than VR." And the reason is simple: "With VR, you're always aware of yourself existing outside it as a separate entity. But with AR, your focus is totally different." The three have some exciting augmented reality R&D planned for later this year.

P2E & Social Tokens

With Play-to-earn (P2E) games and social tokens holding the promise of attracting an entirely new group of crypto users to the space by letting them own and transfer in-game assets via the blockchain, through NFTs, HODL is ready to shine there too. "We're pleased to be partnering with our first few game developers to help them launch three AR games," says HODL co-founder and COO Jenny Ta, adding that the first teasers will be coming soon. "By getting in on the ground floor of the next phase of play-to-earn, we feel we can play a role in helping to shape the future of the space," says Ta.

GalaxE's Cross-Chain Bridge

And if all that isn't already enough, the three co-founders have quite a few other innovations up their collective sleeve. They explain, for example, how they plan to use a "wrapped" version of their native $HODL token (wHODL) to create another first GalaxE's revolutionary Cross-Chain Bridge an ecosystem that will facilitate interoperability between multiple independent blockchains, with current plans to include Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, and Binance Smart Chain and more to follow later.

Crypto Portfolio Management Made Easy

They'll also be the first to offer a Crypto Portfolio Management Solution, combining all the user's crypto wallets under one roof and thus enabling access to multiple cryptocurrencies with a single login to the user's GalaxE account, making it easier to keep track of them all without the need to open multiple apps. Says Ta, "That's where the social component comes in."

The GalaxE Blockchain & Beyond

Since GalaxE will also soon be launching its own blockchain complete with smart contracts, similar to Solana, Cardano, or Ethereum HODL will be the company to watch. The GalaxE blockchain is expected to launch in the second quarter of 2022.

In Q4, 2022, HODL will also begin research on a pair of AR glasses, which will be designed for full metaverse implementation. Similar to Facebook's partnership with Ray-Ban in developing that company's VR glasses, GalaxE will utilize HODL's partnership with a multi-billion dollar technology company to delve into AR, a more advanced digital technology than VR that, according to AJ, promises greater sophistication and a more immersive experience for multiple gaming, entertainment, and even business applications.

The co-founders tell us that GalaxE will effectively be an all-in-one blockchain solution, offering a full suite of metaverse services. In addition to those discussed above, the platform's applications include:

  • DEX (Decentralized Exchange), similar to Uniswap
  • Gaming API for developers of P2E NFT games, similar to Sky Mavis
  • Blockchain-Powered Streaming Service, similar to Spotify
  • Ecommerce Solution, selling physical goods, using NFT technology
  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Provider, offering liquidity pools and staking services
  • Gold and Silver Tokenization Service, offered through a third-party provider and HODL partner
  • Enterprise Blockchain-Powered Point-of-Sale (POS) Solution, enabling merchants to accept in-store crypto payments

To learn more about GalaxE by HODL, visit the https://galaxe.io/ website.