Hoax busted: Video of 2015 suicide shared as 'Woman jumps from NY building due to Coronavirus'

All kinds of fake news are making into social media as coronavirus panic grows. But here is a video of suicide from 2015 being circulated as coronavirus suicide in New York

A video of a woman jumping from a building in New York is being shared on Twitter and other social media platforms with the caption: "NY a person jumping of building due to #Corona Virus." Another person went further and stated: "An Italian Billionare business man suicide by jumping from his hotel's roof because his all family members have died from corona virus."

This is fake news. The original video is traced to 2015 and according to the fact check done by AltNews, the video is about a woman from Ghana who had committed suicide upon being cheated on by her husband. A facebook post published in 2015 has the video claiming it to be woman from Ghana committing suicide.

Corona suicide fake news FB post

Fake news

coronavirus fake news

"Ghanaian Woman jumps off the Cliff as Hubby sleeps with Her Mom. Pregnant Ghanaian Woman Jumps From 40 Storey Building Because Her Husband Was Sleeping With Her Mom and was carrying her husband's child, 40 Storey Building jumping," the Fb post claims.

The report published in dailymail.co.uk on August 12, 2015 gives details on the case. Accordingly, the Ghanian woman returned early to her apartment from shopping and was shocked to see her husband with her mother in a compromising position. She even had learnt then that her mother was pregnant with her husband's child. Allegedly, pregnant herself, the victim is said to have jumped from her apartment building, committing suicide.

Video from 2015

However, neither Dailymail.co.uk, nor the Inquisitr that sourced the report have clarified on the place of the apartment where suicide took place. But these reports stated that the incident occurred in Ghana and the local police had confirmed the incident. A report in Inquisitr stated that the woman did not die of jumping off the apartment but breathed her last in the hospital, succumbing to her injuries.

This was not the first time, the video was misused to spread fake news, but in 2016, a private page also claimed that it was suicide bid by a man from Philadelphia. The same video was shared by "dickmantheprotecter" in September 6, 2016 captions it as "Man jumps off building and dies in Philadelphia. (Suicide)." Sadly, without verifying the video is being shared by some of the Indian journalists including Vikas Bhadauria of ABP News, claiming that a person infected with coronavirus jumped from US building.

Vikas ABP news fake news
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