Hoax Busted: Donald Trump Tests Positive for Coronavirus, Claims Fox News Video

A Video With Audio and Caption Stating That US President Donald Trump Has Tested Positive for COVID-19 Is Making Rounds on Social Media, Here Is the Truth About the Viral Video

A video of Fox News claiming that the White House has confirmed US President Donald Trump has tested positive for coronavirus is making rounds on social media. Has Trump really been tested positive for COVID-19, here is the fact check.

The video making claims "Just a moment ago Fox News Alert, The White House medical team confirming President Trump has confirmed positive for the Coronavirus." The caption on the screen says, "Trump Tests Positive For COVID-19."

When searched for the video on YouTube, it leads to a video of the news uploaded by Fox News on May 7. The video was uploaded with the description, "White House medical team confirmed that valet for President Trump has tested positive for COVID-19. The President and Vice President have since been tested and results were negative."

Tracing the Original Video

Donald Trump

In the part of the video from six seconds to 17 seconds, the anchor is heard saying, "White House just put out a statement President and Vice President both since have been tested and were negative for virus and in good health."

Thus the video being shared on social media is doctored with the word valet removed from the audio clip as well as from the video where the caption is changed to "Trump Tests Positive For COVID-19," whereas in the original video the caption says, "Trump valet tests positive for COVID-19."

However, Trump continues his visits to meet officials without wearing the mask. But claimed he has been taking hydroxychloroquine tablets for more than a week. "I thought, you know, from my standpoint, not a bad time to take it, because we had the combination of those -- the two people," Trump said. He termed hydroxychloroquine as a frontline defense. Meanwhile, Vice President Mike Pence's press secretary also has tested positive for COVID-19.

Caption from the Doctored Video:

Doctored video Trump COVID-19
Doctored video claiming that Trump has tested positive for COVID-19 Twitter

Caption of the Original Video Uploaded by Fox News:

Trump valet
The original video uploaded by Fox News that says Trump's valet has tested positive for COVID-19. YouTube screengrab

Trump's Love for Hydroxychloroquine

Further speaking on behalf of the anti-malarial drug Trump said, "I have had no impact from it. I have now – I have had no - I feel the same. I have not changed, I do not think, too much. But it seems to be an extra line of defense, and it is gotten tremendous reviews from some people, including many, many doctors all over the world."

Hydroxychloroquine has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), instead, it has been recommended against use in France and other countries after patients showed heart-related issues post administering the medicine.

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