Hitachi Ltd., the pioneer in consumer products and services, has launched a Global Brand Campaign to build the brand in collaborative with its customers and partners.

The new campaign, aligned with the management vision based on the 2018 Mid-term Management Plan, will be running simultaneously in 19 countries through various media.

Hitachi products are designed for the business market facing cut-throat competition. It offers an extensive range of products, services and solutions that provide a competitive edge. Hitachi has a diverse range of business solutions, including procurement and sourcing, IT consulting, business consulting and financial solutions for both corporate and retail clients.

Hitachi has been rolling out the Global Brand Campaign for the past three years now. These activities support the growth of the Social Innovation Business through tie-ins with businesses in various regions. Moreover, it increases the company's presence as a global brand simultaneously.

In this era of new and advanced technologies, Hitachi wants to co-create stronger security solutions for the age of the Internet of Things that can predict and prevent threats. It is willing to make maximum use of IT and OT (operational technologies) and to promote the further growth of the Social Innovation Business.

In the new Global Brand Campaign, the company talks about giving a greater purpose to the available data by combining artificial intelligence and advanced technology for a better tomorrow.

Hitachi's campaign tagline is "The Future is open to Suggestions" embodying its strong determination to achieve its goals of the 2018 Mid-term Management Plan. The corporate statement of the brand, "Inspire the Next", expresses Hitachi's aim to breathe new life into the next era.

With its social innovation businesses, Hitachi strives to become the "Best Solutions Partner" and helps to create a comfortable and abundant society. The company will put in place an environment that will further accelerate collaborative creations with customers and partners around the globe.

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