Hisense to launch world's first smartphone with colour e-ink display: All you need to know

The upcoming Hisense smartphone display will be capable of providing natural light imaging during daytime

A Chinese smartphone maker called Hisense is tipped to launch a new smartphone with a colour e-ink display. According to a report by GizmoChina via ITHome, the smartphone will be rolled out in the Chinese market on April 23, 2020. It will later be available in other Asian countries, including Singapore. With the release, the Hisense branded smartphone will become the first smartphone to offer a coloured e-ink display.

Yotaphone devices
Though not popular enough, e-ink display is not a new thing in the smartphone universe. A few years ago, Russian smartphone maker YotaPhone launched quite a few devices with an extra e-ink display on their backside. However, all of those devices came with monochrome displays instead of coloured ones.

The colour e-ink smartphone
E-ink displays have recently become quite famous for being friendlier to the eyes. The e-ink displays lack blue-ray emission, unlike smartphone displays and offer much comfortable reading for an extended period. According to the report, the upcoming Hisense smartphone display will be capable of providing natural light imaging during daytime. During the night, the device will utilise the diffuse reflection technology through warm light sources mounted on the front side of the device display. The colour e-ink display of the Hisense smartphone will be capable of offering 4096 colours.

Content partners of Hisense
To impress avid book lovers in China, Hisense has already partnered with most of the major publishing platforms, including Migu Reading, People Reading, Palm Reading, QQ Reading, and Jingdong Reading. The smartphone will also come with multi-level and multidimensional reading scenarios.

E-ink display technology
E-ink displays are capable of offering an enhanced reading experience by providing a newspaper-like reading experience. The display utilises tiny microcapsules suspended in a liquid placed inside a film layer. For prompting the output, the e-ink technology keeps different fields at different parts of the display. On the plus, the e-ink displays offer wide viewing angles and consume less power than any LCD, OLED or LED-based displays.

Hisense showcased the technology at the Consumer Electronics Show 2020 and grabbed a lot of attention for its innovation.

Hisense smartphone
Hisense smartphone with world's first colour e-ink technology ITHome.com