Hilarious Video Shows King Charles III Being Given A Pen By Cardiff Residents After His Latest Ink Disaster (WATCH)

King Charles III was gifted a pen by well wishers after back to back pen mishaps. He received the pen during his walkabout in Cardiff on Friday. The King became furious in recent days due to a string of ink mishaps.

He was filmed multiple times being frustrated over pen mishaps. The public appears to have understood the anger of the monarch.

King Charles III receives a pen from
King Charles III receives a pen from a woman Screengrab

King Received Pen From A Woman

The King received the pen from a woman in the crowd. The incident captured on the camera shows a woman handing him the pen while giving a cheeky smile.

King Couldn't Realize For A Moment 'Why A Pen'

The people who were present there started launching and clapping at the gift. In the clip, King is seen taking the pen gracefully. Initially, Charles appears to have not understood why he was given the pen. He took a moment, then realized that the pen was given to him due to ink disasters.

However, the King came prepared with his own pen and was filmed calmly signing the paper in the cathedral before passing his pen and the book to his wife. The King's decision to carry his own fountain pen comes days after a few drops on ink soured the mood at Hillsborough Castle, Belfast, earlier this week, according to Daily Mail.

A few days back, King Charles III made very furious gestures to aides while signing the Accession Proclamation. His gestures were captured on the camera as he was out of the room and made furious gestures for an aide to help him clear the desk.

The objects of concern consisted of a pen box and an inkwell, both of which had reportedly been gifted to him by his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Charles could be seen on camera pointing at the items, requesting they be removed immediately, according to Page Six.

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