Highland Park Shooting: Gunman Is A Young White Male, Reveal Police As 'Short And Frail Shooter' Is Still At Large After Killing Six At July 4 Parade

At least six people were killed and more than two dozens were injured in a mass shooting at Highland Park, Illinois during July 4 parade. Chilling videos appeared on the internet show people running for cover as an unidentified gunman fired dozens of shots on the parade route.

Highland Park shooting
Highland Park shooting Twitter

The shooter is still at large as officials have stressed that they are searching for the gunman.

The shooter, who was armed with a high-powered rifle, opened fire nearly at 10 am from the roof of a building overlooking the parade route.

Gunman Is A Young White Male

Videos show a school marching band walking down during the parade when suddenly dozens of shots are heard in the background and people start running for cover to save themselves. Officials have revealed that the suspect is a white male who appeared to be between 18-20 years old. The gunman, who wore a white or blue shirt, has long black hair. Police have recovered the rifle from the rooftop.

Shooter Is A Very Short And Frail Man

According to The US Sun, One parade goer, who wished to remain anonymous, described the gunman as "monstrous-looking as this act was." "I was eating a Walker Brothers Pancake House. He's a very short, frail man. Gaunt."

Another person only gave his name as Dee in fear over his safety since the gunman is still on the loose told The Sun. "I'm scared, to be honest. That has been my work city for eight years, I walk those streets and the fact that the gunman is still at large is scary.

Nearby cities have been warned to carefully make decisions on holding July 4 events as the suspect is still at large. Some local towns have even canceled their parade due to the shooting in Highland Park.

FBI, SWAT and other teams are at the site to help the police to locate the shooter.

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